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Which players annoy you at Chelsea?

the wes

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To be fair to Ballack, he's had his injury problems. When he's been 100% fit he looks the part.

Two players who does frustrate the shit out of me at times are Kalou and Ash.

Kalou reminds me of Milan Baros at times. He gets the ball and runs with his blinkers on and forgets to look up. That aside I still like him.

Ash for his inability to cross a ball. Fantastic footballer. Couldnt cross a ball if his life depended on it.

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Yea.. Both the Coles I wud say.. Ash is awesum in everything but his crossing !! Like Aesthetic Relic said he cudnt cross evn if his life depended on it !! Train on that ASH !!!! :shoot:

And Joe is just like that as much as he amazes ppl wd his skills he dus the opposite too in sum games ... How much I wish he had the consistency of Mr. Lamps !!

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Regardless of how well he plays, or whether he keeps his head down and doesn't say anything ridiculous, I cannot bring myself to stop disliking Nicolas Anelka. It's beyond reason; I almost feel guilty sometimes. Almost.

The opposite is true for Didier. He could kill puppies and I'd still find a way to love him.

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Malouda in 07/08 and now that very same Malouda has fucked me off at the start of this season, utter uselessness. The thing that annoys me the most is his "Oh i can whack this first time into the top corner" and it always goes 25 yards over the bar. His shooting is horrendous along with his final ball. Another is Didier, awesome as chest control, awful at foot control, does something fantastic ten does saomething absolute shit beyond words and his simulation winds me up a bit too. Can score a stunner, will then miss a sitter. If you can name 1 player hit and miss, its Didier Drogba. Then we have Joe Cole, he has gained the dive ability and put it in his armory and uses it a hell of a lot, since his injury at the start of 06/07 he's not been the same player at all, injury proned a bit and a bit like Duff, seems to be subdued when attacking teams now.

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