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Reaction: We Deserved More


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Mon, 17th Dec 2007

It wasn't the end to a 16-game unbeaten run that saddened Avram Grant following Sunday's 1-0 defeat at Arsenal, it was his belief that his side left north London without their just rewards.

A single goal, scored as many of the crowd were already in queues for half-time refreshments, separated the sides in this top of the table London derby. And that was the only gap between the sides according to the Chelsea manager.

'We played the first-placed team today with all their best players and there was no difference from us to them,' he insisted as he reflected on an action-packed game.

'I think we deserved at least a draw. The first-half we defended very well. We held the ball and they didn't create even once chance, not even the goal.

'Second-half was even better. We created two great chances but Alumina today was good. He made two great saves so we deserved more and I am disappointed.'

That disappointment naturally stretched to the manner in which the winner was conceded - Petr Cech having come to collect a corner but the ball evading his long reach.

'Petr Cech is a great goalkeeper with a great attitude and is a great person. It happens even to the great ones,' reasoned Grant. 'Of course I am disappointed. I think he is also, but it has happened. I am sorry that it happened in this game.'

Grant may have suspected that even with his team giving a good account of itself, this was not to be Chelsea's day when John Terry was forced off in the first-half following a foul by Emmanuel Eboué.

Added to an absent list that already contained Carvalho, Essien and Drogba, the spine of Chelsea's team had undergone some serious surgery.

Grant reported that an ankle injury had forced the skipper off and the extent of the damage will be determined in the next 24 hours. He suspected a ligment problem rather than a break. Although others had told him the challenge deserved a red card, Grant declined to add his name to that opinion having yet to view it for a second time.

'After losing so many players for this game, including Carvalho, John's injury was a problem, but I think we played well after this also,' he reckoned.

Ashley Cole, back in hostile territory drew a special mention.

'In the beginning of the game, they chanted against him and made some fouls against him but he is a big boy and it was not a problem for him. He played good today and maybe it gave him more motivation.

'In these two games against Man United and Arsenal, it was disappointing because I think we could have had more than we did - but the gap is six points and six points in this time of the season is not the end of the world. We can do it. It will not be easy but it is possible.'

Source: Chelsea FC

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