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Anelka agent reveals new Chelsea contract talks planned

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The agent of Nicolas Anelka has revealed new contract talks scheduled with Chelsea.

Anelka has two years to run on his current contract, but the player's agent, Doug Pingisi, has told skysports.com discussions are due to get under way about an extension.

"I think we will be having talks with Chelsea next week about Nicolas' contract," Pingisi said.

"Nicolas has two years left on his present contract and I think Chelsea would like to extend it.

"We plan to sit down and have talks with Chelsea about Nicolas' future."

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Every 30 plus player gets new contracts :thumbsup:

Well of course, we want to be paying them for as long as possible :) Seriously though, the club would have to be very convinced of them being able to continue of playing at this level for that length of time. Otherwise we end up with players we can shift because the won't take a wage drop to move, similar to what is happening with Sheva now.

With 2 years left i would hope it is no more than another year, and even that is a little suprising at this stage...

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I don't want to sound like Terminator X here but I'd rather sell Anelka for a younger striker that is capable of scoring goals.

To sell the premierships top scorer would be madness. Even if it was to bring in a top young striker. The question here is will he still be good enough for the whole length of his new contract or will we end up having another 30+ we can't get rid of because he won't take the wage drop?

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After 2 seasons his legs will have gone, which is the primary reason he is a threat. But I guess if we extend his contract we still have a chance to get some money back from his transfer. And who knows..maybe I'm wrong, maybe at 33+ he'll still be worth having around. But I would like to imagine Sturridge would have stepped up by then....

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