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Bit different from Fantasy football, just for Chelsea fans


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Hey all, just giving a quick heads up to a site me and a mate have set up with a free prediction league etc. Not intending to spam, just trying to get as many fans as possible involved as it's free etc so no commercial gain. Anyway, details are below, cheers if you fancy it - it's running the whole season starting with Hull.


The new season is fast approaching and the Chelsea Prediction League is back! Bluetinted.co.uk houses its very own prediction competition, which is free of charge for all Chelsea fans, and will run for the entire upcoming season. With the practice fixture against Man Utd being a massive success both on the pitch and for the league, next weekend with the Hull match the season gets under way in earnest!! You have plenty of time to register and make your prediction, the points from the practice are being wiped so everyone starts off on level footing. You get a reminder email before every fixture, it takes 30 seconds, so it couldn't be easier!! Signing up is simple, just click 'Register' to the left of this article. All that’s needed is a username, password and contact email address so we can remind you to get your prediction in! Potential prizes await the winner at the end of the season..


Log In: Enter your username and password, and click ‘Log In’.

Select Score: Goals for Chelsea, goals for opposition

Select Scorers: Pick THREE scorers from the drop-down menus for us, regardless of the score you’ve predicted (This is to stop predicting 8-0, choosing 8 players and beating the system!)

Save: Simply click on ‘Save’ after you have selected the score and scorers, and you’re done!

Remember, you have up until a minute before Kick-Off to predict, so if you predict far in advance bear in mind players may not make the starting 11 so it’s always worth checking back before the match if you’re not lucky enough to be there.

Watch the match!

It’s as simple as that. Your prediction will be scored against the result of the actual game as follows;

Result: You predicted the right result but not the exact score, 1pt

Score: You predicted the correct score dead on, 3pts

Scorers: You got one, two or even all three of your predicted scorers right in the match! Each player is worth specific points based on their likelihood of scoring, e.g. Drogba 2pts, Malouda 5pts. You get pts for EACH goal, so a Drogba hat trick is worth 6pts.

Keep an eye out for details on the division split taking place at the end of August, and how relegation/promotions/bonuses/deductions will take place, and for news on Cup competitions.

Thanks for reading, good luck with the competition! Click here to register

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