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Stupid Reserves fixtures

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The fixtures for this season reserves has been released which you can see here

Once again this is an absolute joke, the reserve have 16 fixtures to play ALL SEASON. When you think that we use the reserve team to take the development of our young players to the next level 16 fixtures is just not going to help their development at all, there is a group of players who will not be playing youth team football this season at all and are not yet ready to go out on loan, so they can expect a total of 16 games to take them up a level.

The club i am sure will try to organise friendly games, and some against European opposition again which would be good. But last season even including those extra games there was a total of 27 fixtures.

The reserves is made up of the teams in the premier league and then split into North and South. I have no idea the reasoning for this, it would be far more beneficial to have all the premier league teams fielding a reserve team in the same league, then there would be enough fixtures. Either than or if they want to keep it local, allow teams from the championship to have teams. The key is to have enough games to make it worthwhile, Tottenham are not even bothering this season to field a reserve team.

The IDEAL scenario is to adopt the Spanish model where reserve teams compete in the lower leagues, that is absolutely perfect because the players get actual competitive football and play a decent ammount of games. It is like a loan move for them without having to leave the club......

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I have always wondered what our reserves would be like in the lower leagues, i have would wanted to see a Chelsea Reserves face Chelsea first team, as a charity friendly before the start of the season. I hope we can loan out some more players when the reserve fixtures are done, especially if they only get 16. In January, hopefully some teams in the championship will be calling for a few loan deals from our youth.

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Esk do the reserve team always play a minimum amout of games like this, because to be fair thats not neally enough games to get these players a spot in the first team. Surly they should be play a full season at least 30 games a year?

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It is always like this yes, and i know the club do not agree with the set up, which is why they try to arrange friendlies, and the ones against European opposition, like when we played AC Milan last season are fantastic and i would like to see us play more of these. Also we played Man U and Liverpool in friendlies.

The set up is not beneficial for teams like us who are using it to develop young players. We will have a large group of players who want to progress not getting enough games.

It would be fantastic to have our reserves playing in league one where they would do very well indeed i am sure. But it is never ever going to happen over here, the best we can hope for is for the reserve league to be sorted out so it works better, and the best we can hope for this season is for the club to arrange enough games away from the reserve league so the lads get the minutes they need.

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