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Adrian Mutu CAS Appeal Verdict


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From the Court of Arbitration for Sport website:

Lausanne, 31 July 2009 The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has today dismissed the appeal filed by the Romanian football player, Adrian Mutu, against the decision rendered by the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) on 7 May 2008 in which he was ordered to pay EUR 17173990 in compensation to his former club, Chelsea FC, for breach of contract.


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U beat me to it !!! I was just gonna open a thread on it :D

Anywes this is awesum news !! 17m euros all of a sudden added to the coffers.. Does this mean we cud go for that marquee signing evryone's been talking about ?!?! Though i know money was never the factor in the first place ^_^

Anywes it wud make our next yrs financial reading look quite good :)

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The Viola star's team-mates have promised to help the Romanian pay the hefty fine due to Chelsea...

Today's declaration by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ordered Adrian Mutu to pay over €17 million in compensation to Chelsea for "breach of contract".

The Romanian tested positive for cocaine after a doping test in 2004, but has put his career back on tract with Fiorentina after a brief spell with Juventus.

His team-mates are now rallying around him, and the club captain Dario Dainelli has announced that they will give him both personal and financial help.

"It is obvious that Adrian cannot be very happy," he said, according to Tuttomercatoweb.com.

"However, we are trying to joke about it with him and, together with the rest of the squad, we will raise some money to help him."

The 30-year-old formed a lethal partnership with Alberto Gilardino for Fiorentina last season, and hopefully for the Gigliati faithful, the show of solidarity from his team-mates will spur the Romanian on to a similarly successful season next year.

fuck you Mutu and pay Chelsea :P
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Chelsea kick off season with a nice £14 million earner

July - 31 - 2009 Adrian Mutu the former Chelsea striker who was sacked by the club for taking cocaine has lost his appeal over the compensation he has been ordered to pay by FIFA.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has agreed with FIFA that Mutu must pay the money to Chelsea for breach of his contract.

Their statement said

"The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed the appeal filed by the Romanian football player, Adrian Mutu, against the decision rendered by the Fifa Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) on 7th May 2008 in which he was ordered to pay €17,173,990 in compensation to his former club, Chelsea FC, for breach of contract."

There is very little room for manouevre for the Romanian and unless he declares bankruptcy he will have to pay the money or face a lifetime ban from football in any form.

He may be able to appeal to the European court of human rights but it is unlikely that they will hear his case as anyone that goes through the Court of Arbitration for Sport has to agree to abide by the findings in writing.

But when there is £14.7 million on the table one has to think that Mutu will seek to find whatever avenues of appeal he can.

It must also be noted that this is NOT a fine but compensation and so any comparisons to previous fines etc are irrelevant.

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That's what you get when you are caught doing drugs, kids.

Shows him right,

cost us millions in buying him and giving him a salary only so he could buy the friggin drugs.

He was defiantely sniffing up the wrong tree.

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Adrian Mutu Should Seek Damages From Chelsea, Not The Other Way Around – Luciano Moggi

‘Lucky Luciano’ has slammed the €17 million fine imposed on the Romanian…

3 Aug 2009 16:20:56

2780_news.jpgPhoto Gallery Zoom Luciano Moggi <h4 id="article_related_links_heading">Related Links</h4>


Former Juventus transfer chief Luciano Moggi has blasted the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) demanding Adrian Mutu pay former club Chelsea €17 million compensation, and says the 30-year-old is the one who should be seeking damages.

The ruling on Friday related to Mutu’s dispute with Chelsea after the club sacked him when he tested positive for cocaine in 2004.

After years of legal wrangling, CAS eventually ruled that Mutu had committed a breach of contract by taking cocaine, and that under FIFA’s laws for compensation he was responsible for the transfer fee Chelsea wrote off their accounts when they sacked him. The final damages, following an unsuccessful appeal, were set at €17m (£14.6m).

There has been uproar in some circles over the severity of this punishment, with Goal.com’s world editors declaring it as indefensible.

The outspoken Moggi, who signed Mutu on a free transfer for Juventus in January 2005, has now had his say on the matter.

“The ruling on Mutu? Now there will be appeals, but what counts is that Mutu was sacked,” the 72-year-old told Radio Blu.

“He did not voluntarily go. He was booted out of the door, and as I see it, it should be him who is seeking damages from Chelsea, not the other way around.”

What the Fuck is this guy thinking. We didnt ask him to snort cocaine. He should have thought about the consequences before taking cocaine.

Mutu could now take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, while Fiorentina team-mates have stood by and even offered to conduct a whip-round to help him pay off the fine.

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I'm sorry but I find this fine utterly stupid, with fans doing racial chants, players doing horrific career ending challanges and even ending up in jail (Barton), players/teams still get to keep their jobs and/or only pay fines that don't go over millions of pounds. While I agree that Mutu should be punish and pay the club compensation, he is being sued for a recreational drug. Yet players like Gerrard can consume alcohol and beat up strangers over rediculous manners and get of scot free. Unless Mutu has a lot of money in the bank, he will struggle hugely over the money.

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I almost completely agree with you, sam. The difference between Mutu's case and some of the examples like Barton and Gerrard though is that Mutu signed a contract specifically stating he would not engage in a certain kind of behavior and by doing so he breached a contract worth millions. Considering the way society views alcohol vs. hard drugs, I'd be surprised if players contracts typically took a hard line against alcohol use, which may be why players are subject only to soft fines. Clubs could probably sue players more often for a lot of their on- and off-pitch behaviour, but the time, money and negative publicity it involves probably makes them feel it's not worth it. And if it's a valuable player like Steven Gerrard you can absolutely forget it. For me that doesn't excuse how unwilling individual clubs, UEFA, and FIFA are about enforcing their own rules. The situation between Atletico Madrid and Marseille in the CL last year is a good example. Madrid fans racially, verbally and physically abused OM, French reporters, and OM's travelling disabled fans, but their stadium ban was commuted so Liverpool fans wouldn't be 'inconvenienced'. Please.

I'm glad Chelsea stuck to the standards they had set, but yes, Mutu can't pay this fine. He's worth something around 10m Euros I think. I don't know if they can or not, but I hope he and Chelsea can reach some sort of alternative deal.

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