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Essien hints at new Chelsea midfield signing

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Michael Essien has hinted he expects another midfield signing at Chelsea.

With AC Milan playmaker Andrea Pirlo being linked with the Blues, Essien says: "I think we have one of the best midfields in the world.

"When you look at who we have you can see some good quality. We are strong now, but maybe we will be stronger in the future."

i bet you its Pirlo

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Yeah I agree with you. I think the comment has been twisted to mean something else by a bored journalist, I think Essien is simply saying the players will improve their game as they evolve into a new position.

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Our alleged planned "marquee" signing definitely wont be Sneijder unfortunately - he was removed from the list of players Real were looking to sell. We should have moved instantly when he was listed as for transfer imho, he's a class act.

Would be happy to trade Deco for Pirlo but it would delay Mikel's development by what.. 2, 3, 4 years?

I'd like to hope that if we are to sign only one more player then it's a different type of player to any of those though, someone to duke it out with J.Cole for a slot in RM/AM. Ribery, basically. But there's no chance of that tbh.

And yeah, I don't think Essien is eluding to anything about a transfer at all.

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All Essien meant was we have a strong midfield and it will only grow strong by playing more and more togehter. That doesnt mean we would be signign Sneidjer or Pirlo.

The midfield is over crowded even if we sell Deco, we still have enough back up.

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AC Milan have lined up £10million move for Real Madrid midfielder Wesley Sneijder as a potential replacement for Chelsea target Andrea Pirlo.

The Blues are said to have tabled an opening offer for Pirlo of £8.6m plus striker Claudio Pizarro and the year-long loan of defender Michael Mancienne.

But Milan are holding out for more and value their 30-year-old midfield master at £30m.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport quotes San Siro general manager Adriano Galliani as confirming Chelsea's bid, but adding: 'I returned to the sender, because we are not interested.'

However, Milan have released quotes from Galliani on their official website which say there has been no bid for Pirlo, while also backing coach Leonardo amid unrest from fans at the lack of big-name signings.

Signing Sneijder and offloading veteran Pirlo would fit with Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi's strategy of buying under-30s.

However, Madrid are likely to want more for Holland international Sneijder as they prepare to spend more than they would like on Xabi Alonso. Chelsea and Inter Milan are also among the clubs interested in Sneijder.

Milan have also been linked with a renewed bid to sign Wolfsburg striker Edin Dzeko, who at 23 is an ideal candidate, despite the German side's insistence that he is not for sale.

Galliani and Milan director Ariedo Braida are in Germany for the Audi Cup with Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1203218/AC-Milan-brush-Chelsea-Andrea-Pirlo-approach-line-Wesley-Sneijder-case-Blues-meet-30m-price-tag.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0MkGK7uTC

Sorry folks looks like AC is going to replace Pirlo with Sneijder :doh:

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Pirlo joins Chelsea, Milan loan Mancienne

Milan sign Sneijder

my worst nightmare..

..we miss out on yet another star player, we let go of one of our bright young prospects, and we're left with another over 30s player

if that happens....fucks sake!! :mad:

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I'm not keen on this idea of loaning out Mancienne. I was under the impression that Ancelotti would help develop him into one of the stars of the future.

Yes he may gain valuable experience playing in Milan, but would it really benefit his progression as a player if he's just as likely to play as many games for us as he would for them?

As for Pirlo.....I think he's looked way off his game in the last season or two. He's not exactly the type of player we need imo.

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