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Sheva or Pizzaro?

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Saw this debate in the Club America thread, thought i'd make a topic for it.

So, Basically, we can keep only one of them, who? I'd say Sheva, but well, 140000 / week for a player who is below Sturridge and DiSanto in our priority levels?

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pizzaro is a great striker for a club like aston villa or spurs but not a champions league heavyweight like Chelsea, the only striker subs on the bench should be young talent like di santo and sturridge.

not old men who want huge wages for murdering di santo & sturridges career.

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That is the stupidest thing I have heard posted on this forum.

Who's to say the person after Anelka wouldn't have missed too?

anelka refused to take the penalty JT missed ,,,,thats what was stupid...

I guess you must be shane warne,,, and I was at moscow

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