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Essien: Ghanaians have gone all Blues!

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Michael Essien is convinced a large section of Ghanaians will be rooting for Chelsea’s success next season and claims Chelsea games have become as popular as those of the Black Stars.

The English Premier League has traditionally been a big hit in Ghana, and now Essien says most people have become Chelsea fans after his record breaking move from Lyon to London in 2005.

“We have more Chelsea in Ghana than before because back in the day people only supported Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs, but now Chelsea have more fans than them so it’s good”, Essien told the July edition of the club’s official magazine.

“People come together in bars, they have the football on big screens and I hear every time Chelsea play now its like the Black Stars are playing.”

Essien is currently on pre-season training with Chelsea in Los Angeles and played a part in his side’s 2-0 win over Inter Milan on Tuesday.

that's down to you m8

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Ghana are my favourite African football nation, so that fits in nicely I think :)

but it's definitely down to Essien's popularity!

I think its marcel desailly popularity :P:P:P

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I've met two guys from Ghana at my university. One of them was a reluctant Arsenal fan, the other watched the Liverpool champions league games with me last spring. True fan and was very complimentary of my Essien away kit.

I think if Obi Mikel reaches the level of superstar that Essien is at we might be able to make a foothold in Nigeria too. I think Mikel's going to have an incredible year.

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