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Carlo: Lamps is my new Kaka

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CARLO ANCELOTTI thinks Frank Lampard can be Chelsea's Kaka.

The Blues boss worked with Brazilian superstar Kaka during his time at AC Milan.

And after spending time with Lampard in pre-season, Ancelotti has been impressed by the England midfielder.

The Italian believes Lampard can just as vital to Chlelsea as the former World Player of the Year was to Milan.

He said: "Kaka has different qualities to Lampard but Lampard works very well for the team.

"Lampard can play all the positions in midfield, he scores goals and moves very well without the ball.

"They have different qualities but are the same important player for the team.

"It would be more difficult to play him in front of the defence because we want to use him in an offensive position."

Ancelotti plans to play a 4-4=2 formation using a diamond midfield during his time at Chelsea.

He explained: "This is the system we want to keep all season.

"It is a good system for all the players and it gives us the possibility to take control of the play.

"It works very well with an attacking midfielder between midfield and defence.

"It aso worked very well for the right-back and left-back, they pushed forward a lot."

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He isnt comparing Kaka to Lampard. or vice versa. All he means is its Lampard who he will build the team around. He built his team around Zidane at Juventus, Kaka at Milan and now its Lampard the focal point around whome the team and formations will take form.

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