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Hey everyone.

I am not so new on this forum as you may think a new member may be. In fact, my previous alter-ego was The Stamford Blues, but my namesake (my blog) crashed and we decided to start again.

I made some bad decisions regarding the use of this forum last time, and without going too much into what it was, I'd just like to start again and hopefully build up some strong relationships.

I'd like to apologise for what I did last time and promise it will not happen again.


I.E: A bit of info about me!

I'm 25, from Sydney in Australia but grew up in a country town called Bowraville. I'm deaf with two cochlear implants, and also I am Aboriginal (indigenous Australian). The story of how I became blue is an interesting one, if I want to I'll share it one day.

Thanks for reading (again!)


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Top Posters In This Topic

Apology accepted, leave the past in the past and enjoy the site. Respect the site as Jim and the staff have worked hard for everyones benefit, and respect the members and reply to them how you would like to be replied to. Job done, everyones happy.

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very generic name, instead of promoting your site you could sign up with a more memorable name and then just promote your blog in your sig or something but meh..

Says the guy who is named after an Austrian Robot.

Welcome to the site :)

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lmao wrong :rolleyes:

Terminator X is the DJ of hip hop group Public Enemy

never have an opinion or attempt to one up someone or whatever that little bitch fit you had there was, before you have applied the knowledge or have researched whatever you try to imply on anyone grandad. :rolleyes:

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What the bloody hell are you on about? first and foremost I don't listen to your shit music, and I couldn't care less, the fact is you were being an arrogant bastard like you always have been on this site.

just because someone has a "Generic" name doesn't mean you should say it to them, nobody said to you when you signed up "Oh wow a person named after a shit DJ" (Not emplying that he is shit, I don't even listen to Hip Hop.)

And "Grandad" what the hell is that? A last cheap shot of Desperation to always have the last word?

Please, go play in traffic or something.

Edited by Jessman
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Stop being pathetic TX.

You could have simply informed him of the correct origin of your name, or even taken the joke as a joke, but instead you have to fly out insults and spam up the thread.

We're all getting bored of it.

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