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I argee with Tony Gale


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Tony Gale believes Chelsea captain John Terryspacer.gif shouldn't think twice about staying at Stamford Bridge.

Terry has reportedly been the subject of interest from big-spending Manchester City, who recently saw a second offer to sign the defender rejected by the Blues.

New Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelottispacer.gif and chief executive Peter Kenyonspacer.gif have both insisted Terry is not for sale at any price, although Terry has not made a public statement about his future.

However, Gale believes it would be a bad idea for the 28-year-old to leave the club he has been with for his entire professional career.

Gale told Sky Sports News: "If I was John Terry I wouldn't be thinking twice, I would be staying at Chelsea.

"He'll find it far harder defending at Manchester City than he will at Chelsea. For two thirds of the season at Chelsea he hardly has to defend, but at Manchester City he'll be under the cosh straight away.

"That will hasten his career and he'll end up not playing for as many years. At Chelsea, John's set for life.


"I've seen him since he was a kid as an apprentice and he was under Frank LeBoeufspacer.gif and Marcel Desailly,spacer.gif two excellent centre backs. He learned a lot off the pair of them; LeBoeuf with his distribution and Desailly with his defending.

"John took that on board and has done extremely well in his career, but sometimes you're lucky as a youngster in that you grow up at a big club.

"He's had that luck, he's Chelsea through and through and he's a very good player. If he goes elsewhere I think he'll find it far more difficult.

"I think he should stay. How much money do you want? I think he'd find it hard to spend what he's got at the moment.

"I think he should stay put and do what he's been going best - playing really well for Chelsea."


Gale believes the fact that Terry has not made an announcement about his future may be an attempt to secure an improved deal at Chelsea.

However, Gale believes that is a dangerous game to play and encouraged Terry, who returns to training on Thursday, to clarify his future.

He said: "That might indicate there's a little bit of fun and games going on. He may want a little bit more money out of Chelsea.

I think he should come out and say he's going to stay with Chelsea - and I think Carlo Ancelotti and Peter Kenyon will see that he does.

"It's not necessarily players, but representatives that play the game. I'm not saying John's do because they're very good representatives, but sometimes they like to make the best of an occasion.

"With a new manager coming in - and john's got a lot of power at Chelsea - so maybe he's trying to flex his muscles a little bit with Ancelotti.

"He will need to be very, very careful because sometimes you can go a little bit too far."


Gale admits Terry is a vital player for Chelsea and Ancelotti will be desperate to establish a good relationship with his captain.

And he says Ancelotti should be thankful that Chelsea are one of the few clubs that can afford to keep hold of him.

"I think Ancelotti will need him at the start of his reign at Chelsea," Gale added.

"But nobody is bigger than the club, that's what you have to remember. It would be very, very difficult to replace him but if Chelsea were the type of club that needed the money - and £40million was on the table - you would say take it.

"That is really good business for a 28-year-old central defender who has suffered a few injuries in the last couple of seasons.

"But Chelsea don't need that money so they can afford to keep John - and they should keep John if they want to progress."

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Tony Gale is a absolute twat! can't stand the bloke....

And how ridiculous is it to suggest that at a lesser club Terry wouldn't be as good because "he has less to do at Chelsea"!!

Agree Gale is prize cnut at the best of times. 50% of Terrys success is his positioning and command of players around him.

Chelsea FC would find that hard to replace, but its not irreplaceable once you remove all the emotional attachment. That said all the threads, and Gales comments are a no brainer, hes going nowhere, hes been Mr Chelsea now for a few years...

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we had to manage without J T often over the last two years ...He is a tremendous leader...

but so is Frank in a different style... At the start of last season I would have accepted

lamps leaving ...with hindsight what a disaster that would have been

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John Terry is the best skipper any club could ask for, not only is he so passionate about the club, every fan adores him, and doesn't even want to think of the pain that the club would recieve if he was to leave.

Also... what do you think about my avatar? I made it a few days ago

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we had to manage without J T often over the last two years ...He is a tremendous leader...

but so is Frank in a different style... At the start of last season I would have accepted

lamps leaving ...with hindsight what a disaster that would have been

I agree, that was probably one of the worst off seasons I had to endure. Having to imagine us go on without Lamps or Drogs was horrifying.

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O yea.. Can't imagine wat we wud look like without Lamps !! He is more irreplaceable than Terry. Soon there wud be a time when we wud need sum1 to step into his shoes. Thank god he has been lucky wd injuries all these years !!! Touchwood..

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