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Joe Cole back in training

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After a very light jog early this afternoon, there was a second session later on that demanded a little more from those present.

A simple warm-up was followed by a string of exercises designed to get the players moving, at varying speeds and distances, working with a ball to disguise the amount of work being done.

Joe Cole, training with freedom after rehabilitating his cruciate ligament injury, looked as pleased as anyone to have a ball at his feet again.

From the official site.

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That's the top I like the most :lol:

Fantastic to see Cole back, though. We missed his invention last season. Don't get me wrong, Malouda helped void the gap, but Joe had the ability to make something out of nothing.

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Blues News said last night that it was still undecided if he'll go to the States with the rest of the team.

So don't expect to see him start the season. Maybe end of Aug/beginning of Sept for Joe.

It is a real shame he won't get a proper pre season as that can make a lot of difference. But it is more important to bring Joe back in only when he is 100% ready.

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All he's doing at the moment is light training with a bit of ball work. Still, shows he is on course for a return :D I'd rather us not rush him back; we have players who can cover his position. I'd rather have a fully fit Joe than one that isn't quite up to scratch and therefore even more injury-prone.

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