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Ancelotti's press conference

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Hey Guys, I checked the Chelsea website and they are showing the Ancelotti press conference live on the website?


I live in the States, Virginia exactly, so what time is the press conference. Website says 9.30am but is that local London time? or Eastern US time? Thanks a bunch, I really want to watch the press conference even if its at 4:30 am

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The press conference gets shown live at your time, the time on the site is UK time though. Like it says 9 30 am, for me it'll come at 2 30 pm. Cant wait :D The video quality sucks, i remember watching a couple of Hiddink Press Conferences online

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I just robbed this from someone else :P

BANG! Sorry for any typos, and its not word for word at all!

Good morning eh! (Holds up Chelsea shirt)

Thanks to be here. I'm very happy to stay here for a new adventure and opportunity. I want to speak English today. I'm learning English. Speak slowly with me. I will speak better in 1 month, two months. Its not easy but I want to do this. I want good relations with all the press . Also Italian journalists are better to do English question.

Question: Can you tell us how important JT is to your plans here at Chelsea

Carlo: We've seen eachother before I told you I didn't speak English./ He is a symbol of this team. I don't know if he'll be captain next season. I like to joke . We want him for ever. Question of Man city...there is no price. Terry will be Chelsea forever.

Question:If he didnt want to stay would you let him go

Carlo: He said he wants to stay...no problem. I would like a Captain like Terry who's close to Maldini.

Question: You've worked with big names at Milan, can any player be bigger than the club?

Carlo: A team has to have great players, but a player cannot do a team. As long as they work together, they have the same objective in the season.

Question: Where are we with players coming in. Zhirkov happening?

Carlo: Yeah, they are Chelsea players now. I don't know Sturridge very well, but I can work with them. Zhirkov has signed.

Question: Pato, Pirlo?

Carlo: No names, club controls the market, we have time, if there is a good situation for us we can improve the team. I don't want to speak the name of the players.

Question: What about Deco, Carvalho?

Carlo: They must speak with the club, its the same question.

Question: Many changes

Carlo:5 semis in 6 years...Chelsea is a great team now, if it can be improved, it is better, but if not possible, Chelsea still have a good chance to win.

Question: Worry you are 5th Chelsea Manager

Carlo: I don't worry, I like to start now a new experience. I've found a good organisation with young people that work for me, I am very happy.

Question: You admitted lying in your book and on television. Are you going to be truthful with English media.

Carlo: HAHA! I like to joke, maybe I will joke in the future.

Question: There's been so many changes in manager, ho long do you expect to stay

Carlo: I expect to stay a long time, I want to stay as long as possible. will do all mty energy to do this.


Carlo: Chelsea has the right quality to do this. Great team, great players...we have to do little steps to win. It will not be easy, but with great enthusiasm, we'll buy a great teamwork and we'll win. There are great teams in England and it is a very dificult championship and Chelsea re capable of winning.

Question: Beautiful or winning football

Carlo: Play well and its easier to win

Question: Scolari, how can you succeed where he failed

Carlo: I don't know, I want to do everything I can, put my experience in my team, I can do this, other things I dont know.

Question: JT spoken to you about staying

Carlo: Spoke 1 month ago, welcomed me, I'll speak with him on 9th July. I want a good relationship with Captain, with all the players, but the Captain is important

Question: Spoke to Hiddink

Carlo: No, But for me Hiddink is the best trainer.

Question: Drogba's future?

Carlo: Great striker for me, I want to use his quality. He's strong, but also technical.

Question: Can you bring Milan's style of play to EPL?

Carlo: I would like Chelsea to have an identity and to use to the quality of the players. I would like them to play the same way.

Question: Want backbone to be English?

Carlo: Chelsea is an English team, its important that the team maintain English characteristics

Question: so you believe you can help Chelsea with the CL?

Carlo: I am here for this! Chelsea are very close but to winning, I remember now, ut I don;t want to remember. There is a possibility, but very difficult

Question: CL more important than EPL?

Carlo: No, we must do maximum to win in all competitions.

Question: Special one in Italy...more pressure on you to be more Special than S.O

Carlo: I don't know any Special One. I dont want to do 'comparation' with other coaches.

Question: Italian Q.

Carlo: I don't understand questions in Italian...sorry!


Carlo: I spoke with Luca Vialli who spoke very well with the club. They stayed very well, I hope to do the same

Question: Lots of money thrown around, does Chelsea have money?

Carlo: Roman wants to have a great team, he is working to build a great team, I think that at the start of the season we have a competition

tem, its best to have best team, not best player.

Question: Can you financially match

Carlo: I am not financial, I want to thank the financial director, he pays my salary. I am a technical coach

Question: Do you identify players brought in?

Carlo: Not I used to, in the past together with the club. We will do together.

Question: Have you identified any players?

Carlo: For sure, we are not in a hurry, if there is a good opportunity, we can do

Question: Cultural aspects of football, media, fan differences?

Carlo: Yes, I know English teams normally, we have seen a lot of English matches, I don't know how i can live in England, but I dont have

problems, work is the same all over.

Question: Start of season for Milan too...what does your heart tell you, will Milan have problems without you, Kaka, Maldini

Carlo: I would like to thank them, I would like to wish them well.

Question: You were so close with Leonardo, what do you say to him now.

Carlo: He was my friend before and now, he has a great opportunity

Question: Yuri, You don't use wingers a lot, where will you put him.

Carlo: I will put him on the wing.

Question: What formation?

Carlo: I want to see and after put a system that will be good for the players.

Question: Technical Coach, friends? or purely professional?

Carlo: Depends on how it goes. I just want respect. I had a good relationship before.

Question: Pre Season, particularly against Milan

Carlo: Opportunity to remember last time.

Question: Berlusconi sent you a message? How many times you spoke after Fiorentina.

Carlo: I spoke twice, he said good luck and also we spoke last week

Question: Worked with Berlusconi for 8 years, how difficult is it to work with President who is so involved, will it help with Roman?

Carlo: They are very intelligent, they don't ask delicate questions.

Question: Chelsea after Kaka as well, can you tell us your views on the Market after Real.

Carlo: They did very important acquisitions, they needed this, Madrid was not very well last year, they needed to buy important players. "Each looks at home" we have to do this, we dont want to speak about other teams.

Question: Future of Sheva and Pirlo

Carlo: Not speaking about Pirlo, Shevchenko will come to London, he'll work with us in pre-season. at this moment we will speak with him for the right solution for him and us.

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^ lol nice 1

overall on his english - it can only improve

I want to see what players he actually wants to bring in....It's the same situation that was at milan really but we're bringing in players we need and not selling the gems XD

want to see the squad he's bringing with him on pre season now!

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