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2009-2010 Failure Players


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As some of you had read from me, I´ll being saying that Chelsea is a massive failure in the Deparment of recluting big name for the team.

My case is real simple, NO BIG NAME have come to Chelsea in the Abramovich era, we have made Big Names wich is something really nice, but.... are we going to continue in this course?? I don´t know maybe if Anchelotti have a good Job from Arnese, a job that he doesn´t very good... or not do it at All... in my opinion Abramovich has more eye for recluting player than Arnese.

So let`s see how many player`s name have come in the "list of Chelsea". And we have to made this clear, every time that someone win us a player Chelsea denied that they will interest. Example Carlos Tevez, Anchelotti call him and City win Carlos, Chelsea Denied any interest, Same thing with KAKA.

So let`s see the list. Start with the Winning player... Yehiii!!

Michael Ballack = Good Start... big name, in the end of his carrer

Andrey Shevchenko = The big scam

Claudio Pizarro = The big scam part 2

Florent Malouda = The good things can happend when your are in the black list...

Ashley Cole = This is the good one, take it froma Arsenal, youg player.... GOOD ONE



Kaka= Failet 2 times, Abramovich try this year and last year Failet even when we offer more monet than Real.

Robinho= City Win us.... jajaja City win us for the first time... I thing the will keep wining all rounds

Dani Alvez= He never thought about Chelsea never in his mind.

Fernando Torres= Faile, and late... Where were you Arnese??

Kum Aguero= Faile by the moment.... maybe something very special make him come, Yes maybe the Only ofert for him and he wants to go out of Atletico

David Villa = this is the 2 time we try him... same story, he want to stay in spain, he don´t want to lear english... and never cross his mind came to London, And he will be real madrid player at any cost.

Samuel Eto = Fail again. Mourinho want him playing with Drogba, mmm he mind got them in Inter not at Chelsea.... Funny Inter has more chance to do thing that we don´t.

Glen Johnson= This is so Fail, let go loose 2 million in him and them loosing him for liverpool... what a shame...

Zlatan Ibra = Is 1 in 100 posibilitys, why? Real Madrid is on the way and we will never win agains them. But Maybe Mourinho became crazy and sale Zlatan for Deco en Carvalo.... we will be so gratefull with Mou that Kenyo has to make him a Party...

Maicon= There is only 1 way that this happend... Real don´t want him and the price is right...

Alexander Pato = This is the most posible, and at the same time the most difficult one... my guees is that pato want to go from AC Milan, there is nothing more there, but will Milan want to sell him??

Yuri Zhirkov= Someone please tell me are we interest on him?? or we are waiting that barcelona try him when real take Ribery too?? Someone please explain to me what are they thinging??

Frank Ribery = This a big one, not only Bayer is specting to take a bit like Kaka, more than that we have, Real Madrid With Zidane, Man U with Cristianos Money, and Barcelona with the Big Team and 3 Trophy ahead of us?? so What Chances do we have?? I`ll tell you the chances pay Ribery like Kaka and give Bayer Bosingwa and Spect that Ribery want to come here for what?? 140.000 a Week? Maybe that happend when real money is over. Oh Yea and don´t forget loose a great right back...

Xavi Alonso = Yea right!! this was a joke right??

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I see your point but Chelsea was never about acquiring big stars , we have a strong enough squad to win but in the end lady luck was always on the opponents side.

Also, many of those player's you have listed were all speculation, we've probably shown interest but really never pounced on the deal, if Chelsea really wanted to buy Kaka or Torres etc, we would've offered anything we could to get them. I guess Roman has his own reasons and priorities, and that's why we've backed out on Johnson, Robinho, and Zhirkov.

Just remember the transfer market has only started so stop saying as if we have failed to buy a player when it's only June. In my opinion, the only players worth looking at are Pato, Ribery, Aguero, and Benzema. Age and depth is the only problem we have and with both Anelka/Drogba in their early 30s, we need to strengthen that line up.

It's also quite possible that Chelsea won't buy any "big stars" in this transfer market, and that's fine with me as long as we buy the right players at the right price (Bosingwa was a steal), in this economic crisis I don't think it'll do the club's future well if we shell out 100 mil for Ibrahimovic or David Villa.

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@ Tech9C - Exactly.

Its only June and there is still plenty of time to get our targets in. Im not for all Big name signings as well. If we could get one of either Ribery, Pato, AGuero or Karim, it wud be awesum.

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I think you just need to llok at Barcelona, how many big name record breaking signings have they made in the past? Not many, they create stars and im very happy if we do the same tbh. Yes I would like to see the best players in the world at Chelsea, but id rather win competitions than end up like Madrid.

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Yeah I'd rather we created a big name than bought one. It's cheaper and far more satisfying.

We don't have the right conditions to do that at the moment though. That may change if Ancelotti is willing to let Mancienne, Stoch and probably Kakuta come through this season and make an impact, those 3 can be stars for us.

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Yea well of you guys have a point and is a valid one... but... let´s take in consideration 2 thing...

It´s "early" in the transfer market right??

Well Liverpool is Signing not big name, so are city... We are loosing some good player... not big names... remember we need to add more Inglant player for the coming rulz of the team national player....

And what? you guys spect that we buy at the end of the transfer market, what about the Pre Season... it so important that all new player do the preseason with the full team...

WE ARE LATE that´s a fact....

If Chelsea would have a Summer Transfer plan, we should be executing it be now and see some result be now but NO... we are like a butterfly, go there with new flower coming in... and them there... we are all over the place every new name is consideret and option and no finish one at all

We are all over the transfer market and not finish nothig...

There is and old say in my country:

"Better 1 bird in my hand, than 100 flying."

And right now we are in 100 flying birds...

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I think Chelsea arent about signing big names, i think it carries on from the start of the Jose M era...When he said he didnt want to sign big names because he didnt want to have to work with their big ego's. Chelsea would much rather create big names, as i would, and i agree with ESK that we dont have the right set up to do so. I would say this is down to our persistant change of managers, We need one manager to stick around for many years...Create the team he wants to work with for many years, and then look at what we have in youth and reserve teams and slowly introduce those players into his plans. If Chelsea are starting afresh every funking year with a new manager we will never have a good and efficient club creating their own big names.

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You Got a very nice point in the Coach problem.

I agreed, the problem is that every coach that came to Chelsea sense Mourinho the Shirt is to big for them...

I said this to me friends... that I don´t trust to much in Anchelotti, but I most Admit he is the biggest coach that had arrive at Chelsea and... He male also big names lika Kaka and pato, Sheva in his best days, so are Gattuso and Pirlo....

I hope with all my heart that Anchelotti do the same legend in Chelsea !!!


This is like a Dance... the Good girls are the First and if we take to much time we won´t have a Suit in the hotle...

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I cant wait for Ancellotti to take over, i think it is exciting times ahead of us. He knows how to handle big players, how to get the best out of people of all ages too, and because of the way AC Milan operate i believe he will come with the intention to make Chelsea another club who draws heavily on their youth academy for the future of the club. And if the transfer window IS like a dance...surely Ancellotti is the cool one who arrives late because he was at a different party..Which attracts all the already accounted for ladies if im correct...So if you understand what im saying, when he takes over there will still be some hopefully great signings....Otherwise we will end up with the desperate slut of a player at the end....

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It will certainly be good to finally get Ancelotti infront of the media and then into pre season training. To finally get an idea of what the man plans for us and possibly as has been said finally some transfer information. Although i don't see why the club would hold out transfers until Ancelotti's arrival.

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