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Who will leave Chelsea this summer?

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With all the talk of who will come in this summer there is also the other angle to look at as to who will be departing from CFC this summer. There is a clear group of players who are likely to be moved on:

Shevchenko, Pizarro, Ferreira, Hilario, Belletti, Miniero, Deco

Then we have a group of players who are less likely to move on but could still move on if the right deal for them came up and others who have been mentioned as possible departures:

Carvalho, Di Santo, Malouda, Bosingwa, Kalou

So who will actually be leaving?

I think it is fair to say that Sheva and Pizarro will not be returning to Chelsea for next season and will find new homes. The rest of the top group in my opinion should be moved on to allow us to bring in some new blood, not just our own youngsters but bring in some younger replacements.

Of the bottom group Carvalho is the most likely to go, but with Bosingwa possibly being used in a deal to get Ribery or even to allow us to bring in Johnson then he is a big possibility too.

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I think it is obvious that nearly everyone of the first names wants or must leave. I would like Belletti to stay tbh.

from the bottom list, Carvalho seems to be good as gone. Kalou might accept an offer.


It all depends on Ancelottis plans i think.

Belletti is a popular player and has done well for us. My only problem with him is that he is a decent player, and more often than not he will get the nod to come on as sub over younger players and i would rather have in our squad a young player trying to come through than a decent older player.

Using players who are just good as squad players to me is something of a waste and something i would like to see us change.

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That bit about Belletti used as a sub over younger players is true,

but you have to see also that Belletti oven came on as a sub to stabilize the game (for example against Barca) which none of the younger lads could´ve done in that situation...

I think, if we sell Kalou we might have space for boys like Stoch and DiSanto....

Belletti is an allrounder we need to kee. He seems to be lucky, so why not keep him.

He really can make an impact...

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I am sad to say this but rRccy will leave us and go to be with JM again, then Sheva, Pizzaro but we forgot about them HH...then Fereira, Mineiro, Deco(Inter) Hilario..

Don't think that Belleti and Bosigwa will leave us they are good players and I think that Ancelloti like the way they play a players that know how to g up front..

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In terms of goalkeepers, I can't see either Cech or Hilario leaving; both are happy at the club or so it seems.

I think we might see a few defenders go. Ivanovic's agent says the player is happy but he has since lost his place in the team, although Ancelotti did want to bring him to Milan and clearly likes the look of him. Ferreira might leave as well, although he seems happy being at the club and is ready to play as and when we need him. Belletti might be off as well, even though I would like him to stay. He does like playing Spurs, of course. Bosingwa has been linked with going but I can't see it happening at all tbh, after having such a great season. Carvalho looks like he is on his way too.

I can't see any midfielders leaving bar the obvious - Mineiro's contract is up and Deco's a certainty to leave. I don't see anyone else going, in all honesty.

Di Santo is likely to go on loan and Pizarro and Shevchenko will most likely be sold, although I personally want Shevchenko to come back. There's reports linking Kalou with a move but I don't think he will go either.

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