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Bruce Buck Promises Summer Of Big Spending


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Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has revealed that the club will be splashing the cash once again this summer as they look to mount a more successful challenge for silverware next season.

Although Buck anticipates that any moves will be funded by player sales, he also intimated that owner Roman Abramovich was perfectly prepared to dip into his massive fortune in order to bring in any especially coveted targets. "We expect three or four players to leave and three or four players to come in," Buck told Sky Sports.

"We would like to fund those purchases with the transfer fees we receive but, having said that, if the right player comes along, even if he's an expensive player, Roman is willing to do whatever makes sense for Chelsea Football Club.

"So we'll all just have to see how the summer progresses and see what the club looks like when training starts in early July."

Current temporary Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink will depart the club after tomorrow's FA Cup final against Everton, but Buck insists that a replacement will be on his way very shortly.

"When Guus came here in February the board knew it was only a temporary assignment. No one believed us but we knew then and we know now that it was only a temporary assignment," he continued.

"So at that moment we started the process of thinking about who our next manager would be.

"We've done our homework and we would hope that quite probably, sooner rather than later, we will announce the manager for next season and beyond.

"We're looking for the kind of person that can win trophies for Chelsea Football Club in an entertaining way year after year after year."


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Pretty obvious that was.

Belleti, Deco, Carvalho, Kalou, Sheva, Pizzaro to go

Zirkov, A Striker, A Midfielder, a Goalkeeper to come.

A squad 25 would be good I feel, 2 quality players for every position, so 8 defenders, 6 midfielders and 6 attackers, plus 3 goalkeepers and then 2 or 3 youngsters which we already have in the likes of Stoch, Di Santo etc...

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The only way we can compete with Manchester United next season is if we spend big, and I am glad the club have accepted this. The club need to be tactical as to whom they buy; we don't want another Shevchenko-scenario happening when we sign a 30 year old for big money, we need to bring in younger stars.

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Te club probably have a few players in mind that they would be willing to spend big money on and they are hoping that they will be able to capture them. Personally i like the idea of Aguero, wuld be worth the money i think.

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Good. I am glad that we are willing to spend money because it is shown every year that that is how teams compete and win....now, not EVERYONE for EVERY title but the high, high majority.

We need some young signings and a huge one as well

I do NOT think we need any sort of massive over-haul though

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A squad 25 would be good I feel, 2 quality players for every position, so 8 defenders, 6 midfielders and 6 attackers, plus 3 goalkeepers and then 2 or 3 youngsters which we already have in the likes of Stoch, Di Santo etc...

I don't know but I feel we should start looking for a case study for Cech.

Its high time we produce an excellent keeper like Cech again....and sell him off. I mean Cech seriously has a dip in form.

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I think we will spend more this summer than we have for a long while. I can see us bringing in 1 big name signing and then a few rising stars to add to our squad.

When you look at our team you have to say that the 11 that started the FA Cup final is 100% Safe, even probably Malouda now who has become a new player:

Cech, Bosingwa, Alex, Terry, A.Cole, Mikel, Essien, Lampard, Malouda, Anelka, Drogba

The ones who are also pretty much a guarantee to stay are:

Ivanovic, J.Cole, Di Santo

Which leaves us:

Hilario, Ferreira, Belletti, Carvalho, Miniero, Ballack, Deco, Kalou

It has been said that there will be 3 or 4 players leaving and 3 or 4 players comming in. I would think we would spend our big money on a player who can play on the wings. When you look at the players left the majority are in their 30's which is where we would like to bring the ages down.

I could see us spending about £70m this summer.

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guys, don't forget the players out on loan... such as pizzaro and shevchenko.

probably shevchen ko will stay, but not pizzaro!

Can't see Shevchenko staying myself, Ancelotti didn't play him at Milan this season, can't see any reason why it would be any different here with Anelka and Drogba on top form. Pizarro will look to stay where he is on a permanant basis.

We will want to keep the nucleous of our squad and trim where we need trimming and freshen things up a little. We are a few clever signings away from having a squad good enough to cope on all fronts.

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why do i keep hearing and reading that it's Cavalho to go, is he not one of the best center backs around? and the perfect partner for JT (apart from toni of course) :D


Well that is because he has decided to not play at Chelsea anymore after having a bad season and suffer from injury. He said he was interested in playing at other league and restart everythng from begin. But the news stated that he still not sure whether to stay or not.

Riccy is a very great defender, and Jose has done a right decision by brought him here but unfortunately he didnt perform very well due to his injury problem lately.

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I reckon the players who will leave us will be:

- Ricardo Carvalho - (much as he is one of my favourite players, it looks like he's going :()

- Deco - (Good start to last season, but then he got injured and after that, he was shit)

- Paulo Ferreira - (Getting old now, got injured and didn't finish the season fit. Even Belletti is in front of him in the pecking order at RB)

- Belletti - (useful utility player, but he doesn't play enough games to be considered a place next season)

And the players who will "hopefully" join us:

- Sergio Aguero - (One of the best and youngest strikers on the planet at the moment, I would love to see him put on a Chelsea shirt, but he wants to stay at Atletico :()

- Xabi Alonso - (For some reason, I would like to see him join from Liverpool, I think he has a good holding ability and would work well with Michael Essien)

- Ross Turnbull - (So what if he plays for Middlesbrough, he's a goalkeeper, he's English, he's young, and he can challenge Petr Cech for a place in the team)

- Kim Källström - (Not linked with Chelsea, but I'd like to see a talented Swedish player come to Stamford Bridge ^_^)

Ok, there's my hopefuls :)

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I am happy he has turned us down, Go for the likes of Ahuero, Benzema, Pato, Zirkov. THESE ARE YOUNG BUDDING TALENTS!!!

We Dont need Players with Inflated Egos. NO TO RIBERY AND NO TO VILLA!!!



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