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Ronaldo: Barcelona didn't deserve to beat Chelsea

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Cristiano Ronaldo has opined that Barcelona did not deserve to beat Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

His comments come in the wake of Manchester United's 2-0 final defeat to the Spanish side in Rome.

Ronaldo told Portuguese television channel RTP that he does not think his team should have had Barcelona to contend with in the first place.

"I have the experience already to endure all the pressure. It is always bad to lose, whether against Chelsea or Barcelona, who had some luck, as they did not deserve to win the semi-final against Chelsea."

The Portuguese star did go on to say, however, that "it is important to give credit to Barcelona" and admitted that "everything was bad" from United's point of view.

With regards to his battle with Lionel Messi, which was built up by the media beforehand, he said that he was neither "pressured [nor] disturbed".

Nevertheless, the Argentine came off the better of the two players, as he scored the second goal in the match to give his side a crucial buffer.

It is the first time that a Spanish side has won the treble, and the third time that Barca have lifted the European Cup.

Whats done is done and Chelsea have to move on, but I thought it was interesting that Ronaldo said that the day after the final.

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he's only saying that out of frustration. if man u had won he'd have said that barca were one of the greatest teams ever. he's just annoyed utd got humiliated. anyway, i hear he was involved in a no holds barred spanking session with john o'shea and ferguson's love child, the donkey fletch. so can we really take this guy seriously?

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He is just being a spoilt brat as always, throwing his toys out of his pram because he wasnt the centre of attention on Wednesday night.

Also, he could be trying to engineer a move to Real Madrid... Barcelone being their biggest rivals in Spain etc.

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