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Frank Nouble - Beast

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In my next segment of the Youth season review i am going to discuss a player who is unique in many ways and that play is Frank Nouble.

Frank made an impact for the youth team last season as a schoolboy and looked very impressive. This season he has dominated at youth level scoring with lethal regularity and has moved up to reserve level to make his mark there.

I say that Nouble is unique because he is a big big lad, he looks ideal to play the lone striker role, however Frank is predominantly a winger who is now being converted into a more centre forward role. He is a winger for 2 basic reasons, 1 he is very skillful on the ball which for someone his size is fairly rare, and also for someone his size he is lighning quick, he really is super fast. He is certainly not built like a winger but he his speed and skill combined with his power makes him a tough customer to handle.

This season he has really found his shooting boots, a lot of that has to do with him playing a more central role, but he has also been scoring from wide positions. Last season he managed to bag 6 goals at youth level. This season he has picked up 12 goals from 18 games at youth level, and 2 goals at reserve level from 6 starts. His goals are often corkers as well as you will in the video below and the power he can generate is incredible.

Frank has been at the club since the age of 12 so is a proper product of this academy. He is finding his feet at reserve level now and next season will be a regular and we hope to see him continue his scoring run at that level also, will be interesting to see where the club see him playing on a long term basis, as a winger or as a centre forward? He has moved through very quickly in a similar way to Jeffrey Bruma has, his physicality has helped with that and it will be interesting to see how he copes playing regular with men and also once players his age around him catch up.

Check out what below what Nouble did in the first 2 thirds of the season and you will see what he is all about:

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as disk said: thanks for keeping us updated on the youth / reserve teams!

When I started following you on youtube about a month ago I would always notice Nouble, I think he has a very bright future with us, it's quite funny that he's actually younger than me! XD

(i'm 18)

if he can keep on playing the way he has I can see his career rocketing soon, it would be great to have more lads come out of us as proper products for the modern era

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No problem guys...

Next season is an important one for him. His physicality will be less of an advantage next season, can he produce the same results at reserve level consistantly? But if he does well enough he could be pushing for a first team appearance, much in the same way that Jacob Mellis has done...

Keep an eye out in the next comming days/weeks for more player reviews and videos.... Marko Mitrovic and Jacob Mellis comming up soon.

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