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Positive Ending

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Alright lads, it is about time to draw some conclusions at the end of the day.

I think i don´t need to sum up the whole Scolari-desaster and all that.

Todays game gave me some confidence about next season.

If the lads can keep the spirit and the level of ability (right, Florent, thats for you!) i am not too concerned about the manager-issues.

This team is capable to play strong and win games.

We still have a cup final to play i say !

Hiddink showed what this Club needs - a confidence boost and the belief.

And all that without the provoking style of José ( as much as i loved this).

Just a smart manager.

We still need some improvement in the attacking but i am sure we will see some capable striker signing in at the Bridge.

With Joe Cole being a fit fox on Matchday One next season and with Flo Malouda playing beautiful football we have our winger problems solved i think.

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I still think we look vulnerable when we are 1-0 up rather in the mourinho days where we could cancel out teams. We also need a player who has the ability to consistently break teams down when they have "parked the bus" in front of the goal, especially at home.

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Hiddink hit the nail on the head quite a few times this season.

We dont start a game off as we finish it. We sometimes wait for something to happen before we waken up and play football like we can. Its like they're still half asleep when they walk onto the pitch.

Another thing is, whoever comes in will have to get the players onside straight away. We cant afford to have players bickering amongst one another and have others not giving 100%. Had we played with the conviction we shown in the 2nd half of the season we could have been looking at a possible double with the FA Cup final coming up.

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Good point, I feel the same. I have no problem entering next season with the exact same squad, we have great team chemistry and I love the team spirit of never quitting and playing hard. If we get Joe Cole fully healthy, along with Essien back for beginning of next season, I say this team will be very dangerous if we keep this play up.

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We need a strong manager who knows what he wants from this team and knows how to manage the players to get the absolute best out of them. We have an incredibly strong team which will be refreshed in the summer and make us even stronger, and we need a strong manager to take us forward.

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dreading next january ,,,,african cup ....how many will we miss next time

AFNC? So Soon...? Is it every two years?

Anyways, the only players we would miss would be Mikel, Essien and Drogba if he stays. Kalou will be sold in the summer. Hope we dont have to play Liverpool or Man Utd during that period.

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