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Scott Sinclair and Michael Woods

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What happened to them? Scott Sinclair should be in the squad by now but since last season, he seems to have just faded away. Would have loved to see him as a back up for Joey.

Micahel Woods was rated as the best youth player by Frank Lampard couple of seasons back.. He also made his first team debut at 16. But two years on we hear about Jacob Mellis and the likes. Where is he...?

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Well Scott Sinclair has been on loan at Birmingham, where as the season has gone on he has fallen more and more out of favour. This does not bode well for him in relation to his future prospects at Chelsea. We would have wanted to see him at least a regular starter, and impressing aswell. I would guess he will have a season long loan somewhere next season in the Championship to have a last chance to show he has what it takes.

Michael Woods last season has a dip in form, it happens sometimes especially on the back of a very impressive one the season before. This season he started well, scoring a couple of times for the reserves and looking back on form. Since then he has had a couple of bad injuries which has given him a lengthly lay off. Next season we will almost certainly see him go out on loan, which i am sure he will do well on as he is very good midfielder.

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Scott sinclair is finished he cant even take on the championship at 20 years of age. Micheal woods has good vision and passing ability he will make it with kakuta me thinks.

It is going to be very difficult for Sinclair now that is for sure, but not impossible. He will most certainly be given another year......

It was a shame for Woods to get injured when he did, he will need to impress next season to catch up to where he should be, especially as Jacob Mellis has come forward leaps and bounds.

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