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Uefa report points finger at Drogba and Chelsea supporters


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Didier Drogba and Chelsea fans are the guilty parties in the official UEFA delegate’s report of the Champions League clash, reports The Mirror.

Latvian Janis Mezeckis saw two bottles thrown onto the pitch, and his assessment of Drogba’s behaviour is also likely to lead to a massive ban for the player.

Mirror Sport claims that match delegate Mezeckis has highlighted Drogba and the Chelsea fans for specific action.

Mezeckis compiled his report on the basis of the scenes he witnessed after the final whistle and conversations with Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo and his assistants.

Mezeckis said: "The first thing I mentioned in my report was the behaviour of Drogba. What he did after the game, to the referee and one of the assistants, was not correct.

"I also wrote about the two missiles I saw thrown on to the pitch. I thought they were bottles. This is not acceptable."

The controversial performance of the officials was not included in the report.

Mezeckis added: "It is not my job to talk about the referee or evaluate his performance. My job is simply to write about the behaviour I witnessed."

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the ref should be the one getting a ban

no violence took place.. he was just expressing his fustration and emotion to the most shocking refereeing performance of all time, i think uefa really need to consider that instead of focusing on what happend at the end of the game.

footballers are not robots.

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The Worst thing is, UEFA hasnt taken any action against The Referee. This very same referee was banned from the EURO 08 after he denied Luca Toni a goal and awarded Romania a penalty in the end. All in the same match. No wonder he was banned, cus injustice was done to Italians. But Chelsea is an english club. They dont even owe us an apology. They dont bann the Ref. Nothing is done other than Gag him.

And then we have Idiotic Retards like Collins calling for Chelsea bann from UCL next season.


JT was called a Gentleman by Barca team and Pep. And this Fucktard calls Terry a Disgrace. No wonder they say, with age people lose their mind.

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How the fuck can anyone not include the actions of the officials? Is this bloke off his fucking trolley?

Yep is the answer to your question.Obs is blind and stupid enough not to realise the reason everyone went loopy was due to the officals!!

The fans are guilty wtf?!

Then again this come from the Mirror but if true...arg!!

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Wats pissing me off is the English media, launching scathing attack on Chelsea, an English Club. Had it been Barcelona, theSanish media would have gotten behin the club launching a attack on the referee and UEFA.

Btw...in the first leg, did anyone see Platini singing the Barcelona anthem? :rolleyes:

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The media prob been waiting for us to put a foot wrong for ages.Esp with Jose gone no mroe 'omg scandel' press confrence type things

Fans of other clubs have even been backing us which is nice but all we get is the same articles over and over saying the same thing..might back us had been the final but with one English team already in there seems 'meh lets attack'

Also 2 bottles?!?!It werent like the whole staudim was launching bricks at the ref!!!

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