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Frank on LBC


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England and Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard had a row with an LBC presenter live on air today when he phoned the radio station to defend himself against accusations that he was a bad father.

Lampard accused LBC morning talkshow host James O'Brien of insulting him and told the presenter: "Next time I'll speak to you man to man, forget the radio show."

The footballer called into O'Brien's LBC show earlier today after the radio host commented on newspaper reports that Lampard's former partner and the mother of his children, Elen Rives, had accused him of being "heartless" by making them move to a small flat while he enjoyed a batchelor lifestyle in their old house.

"I find it insulting that you're telling me you would fight tooth and nail and insinuating that I wouldn't fight tooth and nail," Lampard said.

"You don't know anything about me and you're insinuating I'm weak and scum because I haven't fought tooth and nail. What I'd like you to do in future is think when it becomes the personal issues, about people's families, about people's kids, and you're degrading them as human beings," he added.

"Sometimes you should think about things before you speak about them because you are speaking about personal people now. Next time I'll speak to you man to man, forget the radio show, I'll speak to you man to man about that."

Lampard said he called LBC after his sister alerted him that O'Brien was talking about Rives's comments. He added that his sister was distressed by the discussion because today was the anniversary of their mother's death.

"Since I've had kids every penny I earn and every yard I run on the football pitch is for my kids," added Lampard.

"Unfortunately I've split up with my girlfriend so they're now living in a temporary flat in Fulham Chelsea and it's not a bad flat at all and I'm actually buying a house at the moment which is of equal living standard if not more to mine."

Lampard said that Rives's comments had been made to a journalist, at London nightclub Bungalow 8, who had not told her his profession and had "got her talking after she'd had a few drinks and caught her at the wrong time".

"Unfortunately I have to live this in the public eye. Now someone has approached my ex-girlfriend, pretending to be friendly, caught her at a moment where she is a little bit drunk and down or whatever and got a load of stuff out of her," he added.

"Someone has conned her basically. She has been conned. And by being conned and then [it] comes out as a pure quote like she has sold her story. She gave her story away in a moment of weakness."

Lampard said that he had a relationship with Rives which meant that they were going to share custody of the children, refuting what appeared to be comments by Rives that Lampard's children did not live with him at all.

"So for three nights of the week, half the nights of week, and I'm away probably two to three nights with my football anyway, the kids wake up in my house," he added.

"I look after my kids solely, I have a nanny that comes but I spend all the time with my kids. I wake up if my kids wake up at three in the morning, if they wake up at six in the morning regardless of if whether have a football match or not. They wake up in the bedrooms I decorated for them and that's what they'll always do."


If you haven't heard it here it is in full...

Part 1

Part 2

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Very Well Spoken there, Frank Lampard.

That Guy is a Cunt. Frank loses his mom, his wife leaves him, his kids dont stay with him and this guy makes derogatory comments on a Radio station based on some Tabloid reports which we all know are shit.

Lampard also spoke about The pic with the Mystery Woman in Las Vegas. Glad he put that to rest that he didnt sleep with her. :lol:

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Well done frank, im proud to here you stick up for yourself after all the criticism you have been receiving about the whole issue. The guy was a cunt for the way he tried to defend himself even though he was clearly in the wrong. Frank made him sound like an idiot.

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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink brushed aside concerns over Frank Lampard after the midfielder took the extraordinary step of calling a radio show to defend himself against suggestions that he had abandoned his two daughters by letting them live "in inferior circumstances" after he split with his fiancée, Elen Rives

In an emotional exchange, Lampard said he called James O'Brien's phone-in programme on LBC to defend himself against "idiots like you" after the presenter said men who behaved in that way were "weak and scum".

Hiddink, who was unaware of the conversation, insisted he had no concerns over Lampard's state of mind ahead of today's Premier League match against West Ham. "I don't react on external things," the club's interim manager said. "I only talk to my players to see if they capable of playing."

Hiddink will resist the temptation to rest Lampard, even though the midfielder has already played 50 games this season and always endures a barrage abuse from the supporters of his former club.

In newspaper articles, Rives had claimed that she and Luna, two, and Isla, one, were living in a small flat, while Lampard stayed in their £8.5 million town house.

Lampard said: "The hardest part of this whole break-up for me is not waking up with my kids every day. It breaks my heart – do you think I'm happy? You don't know anything about me.

"I find it insulting that you are insinuating that I am weak and scum. You're saying 'Any man that lets his kids live in inferior circumstances to him is weak and scum'. You're insinuating that about me."

Lampard said he had joint custody of the children, who spent three nights a week with him, and that they were only staying in a flat as a temporary measure until he bought a house for them and Rives. He said he was already "distressed" because yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of his mother, Pat.

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