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Feeling a certain tiredness ?

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Thinking about the summer and all the rumours coming up issueing the "who might be the new Chelsea boss ?" i don´t feel any excited, just tired of it.

With Hiddink defniatly out and Mourinho also not a favourite to re-join Chelsea Football Club i only see worse things than Scolari coming up.

The names that were mentionend (Ancelotti, Mancini, Rijkard) are scaring me and just get me more angry about Roman sacking José.

But mainly i feel so tired and annoyed by this issue.

Your thoughts , anyone joining me for a big summer slumber ?

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Yeah... I can only see things getting worse, not better, in terms of manager when you look at what Hiddink is doing and what Mourinho did.

Whoever it will be, they won't have a great season next season, I just hope Abramovich has the patience to stick with the guy as long as we don't fall out of the top 4.

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There are more than just a couple of managers who can be successful with us. It is just a case of picking the one that will suit us the best. We also DO really need a change in our squad and give ourselves a fresh injection, but we should prepare and allow for a season to build sometihng.

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Agreed that things really look a bit down when Guus leaves

I am not sure things will go THAT FAR down as some candidates that I have read seem solid

But, I just want Guus to freakin stay

I figure....and what a terrible thing to THINK....that if our next coach struggles, we could hire Guus when he is done with Russia?

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