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I get a feeling Wenger is giving a lot of excuses

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I just read an article where he claimed they made it easier for Didier Drogba

Now, I read this

Although the Gunners chief stressed he was not blaming the surface for his side's defeat, it seemed to cut up quite badly and hardly aided their passing game.

The FA have had problems with the pitch since the new stadium opened just over two years ago.

Yet Saturday was only the fifth time the present rye grass pitch has been used and it is not due to be taken up again until the summer, before which it will host the three Football League play-offs, the FA Cup final and England's World Cup qualifier with Andorra.

Watching Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson would hardly have been impressed either given the Red Devils must face Everton on it on Sunday.

"It is not a pitch for a stadium like that," declared Wenger.

"You spend all that money on the stadium and still have no pitch.

"It is laughable. The quality of the pitch is a disaster."

Wenger claimed it was equally disruptive for Chelsea, although the Blues manager Guus Hiddink did not feel there was a problem.

"It was OK," said the Dutchman.

"If you go to a lot of places in Europe and Africa you get pitches that are a lot worse than that.

"I don't think you should start talking about the pitch, whether you win or lose. It was fine to play on."


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He did not say it was the reason for his loss, all he was saying that the pitch was shite, so there's nothing wrong with that as far as I can see

If you want to complain about it, wait a day or so

Doing so right after the game insinuates it was a reason for the loss followed up by how easy they made it for DD and other subtle excuses

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