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Mr Malouda


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Well, florent in the last 5 or 6 weeks has been one of our most effective players and has started in pretty much all our games in the last 2 months. He has been really impressing me but what i would like to know is, What is going to happen if he continues to play the way he is?

Are we going to give him another chance?

Because the way he has been playing as of late it seems like his former self from his lyon days are coming out and he is actually taking on player with success.

Give your thoughts on his current performances.

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Malouda has been a different player the last few games. And you have to credit Hiddink for that, Malouda is finally putting the effort in on the pitch and it is paying off. We still need a top class winger in the summer and either Malouda or Kalou would be at risk.

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He and Drogba are idiots of the highest order. They can be amazing on their day. Yet when they don't like what is going on at the club, they simply choose not to perform and even though they are playing, they don't turn up at all. It is ridiculous. We have seen Drogba's quality before. But this is the first time really we're seeing Malouda play well for consecutive games except for the start of his career here when he had a decent 2-3 games or so.

They have attitude problems.. And while I have absolutely no problem with them continuing their current run of form lol, but the fear always remains, what if they don't like the new manager that comes in? Does that mean they will go back to their shite days where they can't be bothered? We cannot choose a manager based on preferences of a player. No player is bigger than the club.

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The problem for him is it that it may have come too late. We are comming to the end of the season where decsisions need to be made to take us into next season with the best possible squad. Do we take the chance that he may perform next season?

Yes he has been good the last half a dozen games, but can that continue? The level he was playing at is just not good enough and i would have played anyone over him at that point. The management will make the descision but i think we need to be looking at someone else because Mr Malouda is too erratic for my liking.

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i laughed when the commentator during the Liverpool game said that he's come into his own in the last 6 days which was very very true

i personally think they've voodoo'ed Joe Cole into Flo's body

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