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Tony Cascarino

I'm not sure why Barcelona are attracting so much admiration and awe, as if they were one of the greatest sides in history. They're not: they are overrated and Chelsea can beat them in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Because as good as Barcelona are going forward, their defence is suspect and that prevents them from being a truly great team.

When I've watched them this season, they've flattered to deceive. Yes, they are fantastic in attack. Samuel Eto'o and Thierry Henry are reborn, we know about Lionel Messi's brilliance, Xavi and Andres Iniesta are very gifted technically. But you can get at that defence, and the reason they've looked so comfortable in advancing to the semi-finals is because they haven't played many decent opponents.

They beat Lyons 6-3 on aggregate in the second round but this is the weakest Lyons side for a number of years. They have won seven successive French titles but it's doubtful whether they will continue that run this season. They're not a team to fear, and they did score twice in the Nou Camp.

Then, in the quarter-finals, Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 4-0 and home and shared a 1-1 draw away. Instinctively you think that's incredibly impressive because Bayern are a big and famous club with big-name players but they're not a good team. Those pieces don't fit the puzzle, they're a disjointed outfit who are under pressure domestically. The sort of team who will give away chances that you know top forward's such as Barcelona's will take.

But the Catalans will concede their fair share of opportunities as well, because of the open, attacking style they play and because their defence and goalkeeper aren't top-drawer. It's why I think that if Chelsea play well at the back they will knock Barcelona out. That might be a big "if" after the 4-4 draw with Liverpool. If Chelsea defend like that again you can't see them knocking out any top European side.

But we know Chelsea have the potential to defend better, because some of the goals they have conceded lately were down to individual mistakes from normally reliable players such as Petr Cech. With a central defensive partnership of John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho they will look more secure, and while Ashley Cole won't be there because of suspension, Michael Essien's got the agility and legs to subdue Messi, as he subdued Steven Gerrard at Anfield.

It will be a shock to Barcelona to face a really tough team after the easy ride they've had so far in Europe and in Spain, where Real Madrid have been ordinary and Valencia, Seville, Deportivo La Coruna and Villarreal are all not as good as they were.

Barcelona have been knocked out of Europe in recent years by Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. English clubs don't let Barcelona have things all their own way. Liverpool nullified them in 2006-07 by hard work and ground out a result. Chelsea can do that. Stop the service to Henry and Eto'o and they won't run back to chase the ball. Limit Messi and you limit Barcelona.

And Chelsea won't be in awe of going to the Nou Camp. They will know they can win there, they won't be intimidated - especially since the first leg is in Spain, giving a real advantage to the Londoners. If the tie is in the balance after the Nou Camp, there's no doubt Chelsea can win. And if they do, if they knock out the favourites, maybe someone will say to me: "Wow, how good were Chelsea?" It might just be that the real question to ask will be "How disappointing were Barcelona?" They're high on a pedestal they don't deserve.

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Barca are without doubt an excellant team. But i don't think they are better than the teams we played a couple of years ago where we more than held our own and often came out on top. We are clicking in attack and we can be stronger in defence. Our key area is Midfield, Essien and Lampard are on absolute fire and they will give any team a torrid time. I am confident we can overcome Barca for sure.

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