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Cech dismisses Hiddink claim

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Chelsea¿s Czech international goalkeeper Petr Cech has responded to manager Guus Hiddink after the Dutchman accused him of suffering a crisis of confidence. This after Chelsea conceded three goals against Premier League also rans Bolton Wanderers and then let Liverpool put four past him in an exciting Champions League quarter final at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night.

With Chelsea starting the match with a 3-1 advantage of a 3-1 lead from the first leg, Chelsea went behind when Aurelio cleverly hit a free kick directly into the net with Cech stranded after wrongly anticipating a cross into the penalty box.

Chelsea went two down when a penalty was awarded against Ivanovic leaving Alonso the job of blasting the ball past Cech from the spot.

Following the break, substitute Anelka cross for Drogba to get a touch at the near post to put the ball past Reina in the Liverpool goal.

Chelsea then drew level with a brilliant 30-yard free kick struck by Alex before taking the lead through Frank Lampard who got on the end of a ball from Drogba.

At this point, it looked like the match was over but Liverpool regained the lead through Kuyt after Lucas had levelled when his shot was deflected past Cech by Essien.

Chelsea's pride was saved when Lampard got his second of the evening to make the score 4-4 and see his side through to a semi final meeting with Barcelona.

Despite the victory, there have been serious doubts about Cech's form with many equating his apparent demise with the fractured skull he suffered a couple of seasons ago at Reading.

Referring to his Dutch manager, Cech said: "Maybe he feels that, but I can tell you that I don't feel this way. I'm confident enough to go through the season. Since he arrived I have been playing really well and the only one I didn't do well was the Bolton game."

Talking about Liverpool's first in the 4-4 Champions League draw at Stamford Bridge, he said: "It was a mistake but it was a game where there were deflections and things going against me. I was caught watching the players rather than what was happening with the ball. This is a goal I should not have conceded and I have to put my hand up."

He went on: "This happens sometimes. I would be disappointed if I was left out on Saturday, who wouldn't be? This is a question for the manager, but one bad goal can't change what you have been doing all season. I don't need to go and see him, as a player you don't need to speak. You have to show your confidence in training and in games. This is the only way.

He added: "If you go to the manager you can say whatever you want, but he needs to see your answers on the pitch, not in his office."

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A clean sheet on Saturday wouldn't be a bad start to regain his confidence.
I figure now he will want to blank Barc just to shut anyone up. He really seemed to take the comments personally which is a good/bad thing. Good because it will give him motivation but bad if he allows it to eat at him. He is old enough though to not allow the latter to happen
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