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Ballack desperate for Hiddink to stay at Stamford Bridge

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Michael Ballack wants Guus Hiddink to remain Chelsea manager next season.The club's senior players are determined not to make it easy for Hiddink to quit, imploring owner Roman Abramovich to keep him at the helm.

'Of course we would like him to stay,' said Ballack.

'It is amazing what he has done in this short period. We look very strong at the moment and we would be disappointed if he left now.'

Ballack's sentiments echo those of Chelsea captain John Terry, who said: 'He's been a breath of fresh air.

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I would certainly like him to stay, even if its just until we can find the right manager for the job. Hididnk is a great coach and I totally respect everything he has done to earn the club some of its credibility back, but the truth of the matter is that we want continuity at the Bridge. To do that, we should keep Hiddink for the short term and look for a suitable candidate; not just go for whoever is available. However, if Guus would be willing to commit for four or five years, I'd say we should do everything to keep him, but I just can't see him staying for that long.

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One thing that drives me nuts is every so often I read an article stating something different "He is possibly staying!" then "He is without doubt leaving"

Arggghhh, I know chances are good of him leaving

But still, I wish we could keep him on board. Some of the replacements scare me a bit

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I think he will leave, to return to Russia. He will say, thank you very much, I very much enjoyed my experience here, but I made a promise to the Russian Football Federation and I am going to go through with it.

I'm not arsed about stories that say he will stay and stories that say he will go. Just see what happens in the end, and enjoy it while it lasts.

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