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Jezza Clarkson now Supports Chelsea

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Most of the comment-writers below the text are hating him, i guess.

Is he some kind of troubleshooter ? Some sort of cliffhanger for The Times ?

He presents Top Gear , a car programme on BBC, and is always controversial.

Top Gear is like D-Motor on German TV...

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I can't believe I actually read that. But that was actually very good, and I can now show that to some friends here in Aus who support that stupid bloody sport Australian Rules Football. 

Very good article, and good to hear he supports Chelsea :D

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That article was fucking hilarious and I love the way Jeremy Clarkson writes. I've got one of his books and I love it, gotta get the others too.

After the game I was taken to the Chelsea dressing room so that I could admire all the players’ penises – many were very enormous indeed. :lol:

Then you have the Charlton fans who travelled down the M4 to Reading recently and, having failed to think of any suitable abuse, came up with: “What’s it like to live in Wales?” :lol:

I also like how he noticed so quickly the subtle skills of the midfielder, which are perhaps less obvious than a winger being able to cross and a striker being able to shoot.

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loved the end bit,gr8 read.

So there we are, then. I am now a football fan. I know this because in one afternoon I learnt I’m not a football fan at all. I’m a fan of Chelsea. Chelsea are the only team that can play. Chelsea players have by far the most impressive reproductive organs. Stamford Bridge is my church. The men who play there are my Gods.

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