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Kalou - Terry like a brother

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Salomon Kalou has credited John Terry for pulling the team together in the wake of Luiz Felipe Scolari's sacking.

The 23-year-old said that the team spirit instilled by the Chelsea captain will pull the club through any crises caused by the departure of a manager.

Guus Hiddink is the fourth boss Kalou has played under since he came to Stamford Bridge, but the Ivorian forward claimed the frequent changes do not disrupt the squad due to Terry's calming influence.

"The Chelsea family is so strong that It feels like the family I have back home," Kalou told The Sun.

"Over the past two years we have had so many problems and there always seems to be a new manager, but as players we have been there for each other.

"John Terry pushes us on. He has great spirit and cares for everyone."


Kalou revealed that after a manager leaves, the team arrange a clear-the-air meeting, led by the 28-year-old skipper.

He also hailed Terry's protective instincts, saying he deals with problems within the squad like an 'older brother'.

"Every time a manager goes we talk together and sort it out. If you have a captain who leads the team you don't need a manager to put everyone together, the captain does it," Kalou added.

"He always asks you if you are OK and encourages you and says: 'Don't worry, make sure you are right - we need you.' That's what you want to hear from your captain. You know he's counting on you and thinking about you.

"If there is no one there to do that then you have real problems. You need that man between the manager and the players.

"If I have a problem I go to John and I know he will protect me. He is like an older brother.

"We live as family and of course sometimes there are arguments but we resolve them between us. That's how it is."


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