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Why reborn Chelsea could be the ones to spoil Manchester United quintuple party

While the footballing world's attention has been focused on Manchester United's dominance and Liverpool's Jekyll and Hyde act, Guus Hididnk has quietly been performing a minor miracle down on the King's Road.

In roughly the same amount of time it takes Fernando Torres to warm up his hamstring, the Dutchman has transformed Chelsea from a fractured, fractious farce into a ruthlessly efficient winning team.

Manchester United might be wobbling - no matter how slightly - but the Blues now appear to be rock solid. And the return of the fabulous Michael Essien from injury will only make them better.

Manchester United might be on for the quintuple, but let's not forget Chelsea are still on for a treble of their own.

And all of a sudden, it doesn't look beyond the realms of possibility that they might land at least one of them.

I'm not getting carried away with anything just yet, but I'm delighted with the impact Hiddink has had since he arrived.

The title is a very long shot.

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If we win anything this season i'll be delighted because a few months ago it was looking like we'd be struggling for 4th spot.

The title is United's to lose, but if they slip up we've got to be able to take advantage of that. Liverpool are breathing down out necks and are looking good.

I'm just happy we're back to winning ways again, Gus has come in at the right time to save our season and we still have a great chance in the FA cup and maybe even the CL

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Think the title is gone,if they loose their game in hand however..

But the FA cup and CL we have as much chance as everyone else.Dont get this Man you have won it already attitude the papers seem to have and hope someone proves them wrong and hopfully us!

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