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Uefa may probe Drogba claims

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Uefa may probe Drogba claims

Chelsea have pledged to give Uefa their full support if there is to be an investigation into claims that Didier Drogba was subjected to racist abuse in Turin.

The Ivory Coast international was allegedly the victim of 'monkey chants' from a small section of the crowd as Juventus drew 2-2 with Chelsea on Tuesday night.

The case has yet to be proven but Chelsea would be happy for Uefa to look into the allegations.

"Our record against fighting racism is clear," a Blues spokesman said in The Sun.

"At this stage, we do not have sufficient evidence to back up these claims.

"It would be up to Uefa to investigate them and we would do everything in our power to assist them."

Uefa is waiting on reports from the referee and their delegate at the game before deciding whether to take any further action.

"If what is alleged is true, there will be an investigation," said Uefa director of communications William Gaillard.

If I'm honest, I didnt hear anything at all. But if there was its disgusting.

After all the chants at England players against Spain, I cant really see them being hit with anything major. If they are intent on making a stand against racism then they will have to start banning clubs from competitons. 30k fines here and there are nothing.

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Meh, its nothing major, they'll just get a fine and no-one will talk about it again. No player deserves that treatment, however, but I for one heard nothing in fairness.

Besides, Drogba made a monkey out of those being racist towards him anyway.

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