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JT and Mancienne warned

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Guus Hiddink blames John Terry for Ashley Cole arrest

Angry Guus Hiddink last night hauled Ashley Cole AND John Terry over the coals for their late-night drinking escapades.

The Chelsea boss warned his team: “I will not tolerate a repeat.” And he admitted he was “amazed” that he needed to clamp down on off-field discipline among his senior players after Cole spent three hours in a police cell for drunkenly swearing at officers in the early hours.

But skipper Terry, who was inside the London nightclub where Cole became embroiled in a row with photographers, was also given a severe reprimand by Hiddink.

Both Cole, reprieved by Paulo Ferreira’s season-ending knee ligament injury, and Terry will play at Coventry today but Hiddink said: “I don’t approve of what happened.

“We ask from everyone that they live a proper life. That’s not to say that they don’t have the right to go out.

“But within going out you must have your own discipline towards the team and towards the public and the club.”

Hiddink indicated Cole would be fined two weeks’ wages – about £160,000 – while Terry and Michael Mancienne were warned. He said: “The only thing we will say is that we have internal discipline. It will be internal and I have spoken firmly with Ashley about this.

“There are rules inside this club about going out and I had a firm talk with him and with the rest of the group.

“I am disappointed. It’s simple – you must not repeat that kind of behaviour.

“But to be honest I find it amazing. If you fall once into a trap then you try to avoid the second one. You have to be disciplined.”

I'm behind Hiddink on this one. We cant be fucking about while we're looking to turn the season around. I'm all ofr the players letting off a bit of steam, but they must know where to draw the line.

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More on the football side of things.....

Anyone else getting pissed off with Ash's inability to cross the ball ?

He'd several chances today to get a ball whipped in and they're still orbiting the earth as we speak. His crossing is absolutley rank rotten.

It has been really frustrating, he has such great ability in all aspects of play besides that. It is defiantly his weakness. When he breaks so well down that wing and gets into space to get the ball in the box, he will hit a player 1 time out of 10. I think he needs to start practicing this in training, because i think we could have so many more goals if he can get these crosses right.

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he will hit a player 1 time out of 10. I think he needs to start practicing this in training, because i think we could have so many more goals if he can get these crosses right.

1 out of 10 is flattering

Its definately one aspect of his game he should concentrate on. That is the main reason I prefered Bridge. I'm sure 75% of his crosses were played into dangerous areas. The only danger Coles crosses have is to the fans in the back row.

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