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Hiddink Takes Over


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Chelsea Football Club is delighted to confirm Guus Hiddink will become temporary coach until the end of the season.

He is due to meet the players later this week.

The club would like to take this opportunity to thank the Russian Football Union for their understanding and cooperation.

The 62-year-old has been with the Russian national team since 2006, guiding them to the semi-finals of Euro 2008, a competition they qualified for at the expense of England.

During that qualifying campaign, Russia beat an English side in Moscow that included Frank Lampard, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Joe Cole. Captain John Terry was absent through injury.

During the summer tournament, Hiddink's Russia excelled, cruising through the group stages with wins against Greece and Sweden, before quarter-final victory over his native Holland.

It was that 3-1 extra-time victory that made everyone sit up and take notice of the Russians' attacking vigour, before defeat to eventual champions Spain saw them eliminated.

The Russian role is Hiddink's fourth at international level, following successful spells with Australia, where in 2006 he led the country to its first World Cup Finals since 1974, South Korea, where he guided the co-host nation to fourth place in 2002, having earlier in the tournament secured their first ever win in the tournament, and Holland, who also reached the last four of the World Cup in 1998. It was a Michael Ballack goal that spoilt Korean dreams at the semi-final stage.


Despite this success, Hiddink's mark on the club stage is equally impressive. Upon leaving the South Korean post in 2002 (having been awarded honorary citizenship) he returned to Holland and PSV, for whom he had played during the early 1970s, and coached to a European Cup victory and a hat-trick of Eredivisie titles in the late 1980s. Included was a domestic and European treble in 1988.

His second spell at the Eindhoven club, which he combined for a time with the Australian national coach role, brought more success. Three more league championships in four years, coupled with a semi-final appearance in the Champions League, at a time when domestic Dutch football has lost some of the weight it used to enjoy, was a mighty achievement.

It was only an 89th minute goal by AC Milan that took the Italians past PSV to play Liverpool in the 2005 Final in Istanbul.

Hiddink's initial spell in Eindhoven was followed by a one-season stay in Turkey at Fenerbahçe before an association with Spanish league football that would occupy him for the greater part of the 1990s began.

Three years at Valencia were brought to an end by the offer of the Dutch national job but when Hiddink returned to the Iberian peninsula, it was to the Bernabéyou and the top job with Real Madrid.

The World Club Cup was won but the capital's famous club proved impatient when domestic results didn't immediately match that triumph and he left after just half of the 1998/99 season, moving quickly south to take charge of Real Betis.

He remained in Seville until the end of the 1999/00 season when his career path turned back towards international management and the South Korea challenge where a reputation for producing attacking, high-tempo football was further enhanced.

Source: Chelsea FC Official Site Edited by riks12
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Win at Watford. Lose to Villa. Boooooooos ring round the Bridge as Juventus win , along with ''You dont know what you're doing'' when its 0-0 half time against Wigan.

Club sacks him, gives him £5 million in compensation, and in their usual panic get in Sam Allardyce ''till the end of the season''.


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Win at Watford. Lose to Villa. Boooooooos ring round the Bridge as Juventus win , along with ''You dont know what you're doing'' when its 0-0 half time against Wigan.

Club sacks him, gives him £5 million in compensation, and in their usual panic get in Sam Allardyce ''till the end of the season''.


Caos is the right Wort

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Putin to help Chelsea land AC Milan coach Ancelotti

12.02.09 | tribalfootball.com

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is ready to help Chelsea land AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti in the summer.

The Mirror says Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will agree to release Guus Hiddink from his short-term deal at Stamford Bridge in the summer so he can focus his efforts on Russia's World Cup campaign.

In exchange, Putin will assist Abramovich in prising Ancelotti away from Milan.

Putin has close links with AC Milan owner and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and will do his bit to make things easier for all concerned.

Under Italian regulations, Chelsea would not have to pay any compensation to Milan even though Ancelotti has two years left on his current San Siro deal, and his basic net salary of £3.5m per year is more than affordable for the Blues, even in their newly-restricted financial circumstances.

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Win at Watford. Lose to Villa. Boooooooos ring round the Bridge as Juventus win , along with ''You dont know what you're doing'' when its 0-0 half time against Wigan.

Club sacks him, gives him £5 million in compensation, and in their usual panic get in Sam Allardyce ''till the end of the season''.


The way i see it, no compensation for a change.. he walks away come may, in comes Mclaren.. :lol:

long shot we win the CL.. he still walks away.. man now that would be something..

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The way i see it, no compensation for a change.. he walks away come may, in comes Mclaren.. :lol:

long shot we win the CL.. he still walks away.. man now that would be something..

Hahaha bringing with him his fake dutch accent...make the match interviews intresting

Omg that be so ooooooo and ahhhhhhhh dont go but be such a legend and awwwww.

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in all honestly i dont know what to make of it cause nothing really surprises me with us at the moment, we could go on and win the cl and maybe the fa then say bye bye to gus and bring in someone different and start from scratch again with new players new tactics and maybe bye bye to him if the results aren't going are way with another nice compensation package

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Hiddink: Refuses to rule out longer stay


New Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has refused to rule out the possibility of carrying on beyond the end of the season.

The Dutchman was confirmed as Luiz Felipe Scolari's successor on Wednesday but only on a short term deal, so as not to interfere with his role as Russia coach.

The former PSV boss agonised over the decision to take over at Stamford Bridge and only accepted after he concluded that his job with the Russian national team would not be affected by his temporary move to England.

With the 62-year-old keen on leading Russia out at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa any long-term deal seems a long way off.

But Hiddink has increased speculation over his future by declaring any decision will be made at the end of the season.

"Let's not predict for such a long time," he told the Sport Express.

"I have no such thoughts as we talked only about the work till the end of the season. When we reach the end of the season we will talk about it.

"And who knows maybe this story with Chelsea will get its continuation.

"Before I agreed to work in Chelsea I was thinking about it for a long time, I weighed the pros and cons. I thought how my work in England could tell on the Russian national team.

"And I concluded that the team's interests wouldn't be infringed in any way.

"I'd like to underline that I am responsible for the result of the World Cup 2010 course and I want the national team to perform well.

"Everything concerning the Russian team is precisely planned till the end of the year. In August we have a friendly, in September and October we will prepare for the sparring matches.

"And if our team ends up second in the group we will have necessary days to prepare for the play-offs."

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Posted on: Thu 12 Feb 2009 Guus Hiddink arrived at Cobham this afternoon to meet the players and watch his first training session.

The Dutchman, whose appointment was confirmed by the club on Wednesday, arrived at the training ground shortly before 1pm when he was greeted by Peter Kenyon. The pair took a tour of the main building and met some of the players in the treatment room.

Next, Kenyon introduced the 62-year-old to staff, before continuing to the first team dressing room where the chief executive introduced him to the remaining players.

Those who had played major roles on international duty undertook their recovery session in the state-of-the-art swimming pool, while Hiddink accompanied chairman Bruce Buck out on to the training field to watch the main session, led by Ray Wilkins and Paul Clement. They were later joined by Roman Abramovich and director Eugene Tenenbaum.


Wilkins, who will lead the team against Watford in the FA Cup on Saturday, chatted with the new coach while Clement oversaw a warm-up and then a sprinting and agility exercise.

Possession games followed under Wilkins' direction as Hiddink continued to observe the mix of first team and reserve players, and the session finished with a junior versus senior game on a half-pitch, with both sides limited to three touches, encouraging quick decision making.

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<h3 class="headline" id="headline">Chelsea TV EXCLUSIVE: NEW MAN'S FIRST THOUGHTS </h3>Posted on: Thu 12 Feb 2009 Guus Hiddink spent Thursday afternoon watching training and meeting players and people he will work with until May. His last task before leaving Cobham was to tell Chelsea TV his early impressions and his aims while here.

This is what he said:

You said you would have said no to any other job. Why yes to Chelsea?

Everyone knows the relationship between Chelsea and the Russian Football Federation, and the academy of development of young players all over the country is significant.

When the situation occurred as has happened now I was asked to come because of the relationship with Roman Abramovich as well. Of course it is a big club as well, and let me be honest, I came because they asked me to join the club for the upcoming time.

You couldn't come at a more pressurised time, three big games, and you have to win.

You are putting the pressure on me! That is normal, I know of course I have to live as soon as possible in the depth of the club, but I just talked to the players for a few minutes in the dressing room. I am not just here to add to my experience to the club and Premier League. Also I want to see these results as soon as possible.

You are leaving the team on Saturday [at Watford] to Ray Wilkins?

Yes. I will talk now daily with Ray and all the people within the club to get together everything as fast as possible. But Ray will do the game against Watford.

Then in the League we play Aston Villa, a huge match. We could be 10 points behind Man United by then. Are we still in a title race?

The team are in several races, the FA Cup is there, the Champions League and also the League. There is a 10 point difference but if you look in the past of this league and other leagues as well, some things can happen during the final stages of the championship.

How much do you know of the Premier League and the Chelsea players?

I worked several years with Alex but I know the players of Chelsea and other clubs as well. I know almost all of the players. To be honest I don't know the players from the Academy and I see them participating already with the first team which is good. I have to know them better, how they play etc, but generally speaking I know the players.

The games against Juventus are coming up. You won the European Cup in 1988 and went close in 2005. Is wanting to win it again a big part of season?

All the three roads are very important. The next game at Watford, and then Aston Villa and Juventus and then you go on the path of the Champions League. That is so attractive. The club has the experience to go to the Final.

You managed against Chelsea once before in 1998.

Don't remind me of that! I know it was the Super Cup in Monaco, and where we lost to Chelsea, that's true.

Are there team shapes you come with, always the same system, or do you see what is available first and decide?

I see what is available, I see what suits and I see the culture and what is demanded. When I started in Korea or Russia is different to when you start at an already very achieved club. But I like to make analysis as fast as possible and come to composure which gives efficiency to the team and hopefully as many points as possible and a style of play.

So will you have an idea next week?

I am not thinking that rigid. Whether you play with 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 or whatever, it is very important what they do as a team when we have possession and when we have none. That is even more important. With that I am looking forward to the cooperation of Ray Wilkins and the other coaches as well.

With regards to backroom staff, are you going to be at some point bringing in your own people?

Not yet. I am not in favour wherever I go to bring in my group of assistants. I like to go in as soon as possible to alert myself to what is required and then of course we make an analysis and talk to the people. If something is needed, we can do it but not in principle.

I am looking forward to working with people who are working here as all kinds of staff and if needed, if it can contribute anything to the benefit and well being of players at the club, okay - but not before.


You have a reputation for success more or less everywhere you have been. What qualities will you bring to Chelsea, what do you think you can bring to help us to do better?

I hope as soon as possible, because I don't like to give anyone much time, not me and not the players, to bring out of every member, especially the players, a little bit more than sometimes they think they can bring.

They are very committed, I have seen the training session, but sometimes you can have a little bit different approach to get even more efficiency out of the players. That is where I am aiming at and if you add those individuals together and make a team, then everyone can bring a little bit more.

Not just in commitment. It is too easy to talk commitment because everyone has an obligation to be committed, but in the tactical and the strategic approach during the game. We might gain some profit.

In terms of approach to games, would you say you are an attack-minded coach or are you naturally cautious?

No, I am not that cautious. I think you must be organised in every part of the pitch but I think, especially in England, they like the approach of attacking the team.

You have achieved in most places you have been but you have not yet won a title in one of the bigger countries. Is that something you feel personally is missing from your list of achievements?

With Real Madrid we did not have the title of the league. We won the World Club Cup, that is a good achievement, but never a title in this rather short period. I haven't worked in England so far which is considered the biggest league in the world so that would be a huge achievement but so far, it is okay. We try to go for this title, yes.

You are here on a temporary basis until May. What happens if you really like it and the club really like you? Any chance you will be staying on?

I have seen it here now and I felt the atmosphere already in a few hours but what happens after May is clear because it is rather difficult to do the two jobs and I have my obligations in Russia.

It is rather difficult because the Premier League is very challenging. We can do it now because there are one or two games until June with the national team of Russia. That is why we said we can do it now and we can do it full-hearted and committed.

Will you not have any rest because when you are not doing Chelsea you have to watch Russian players?

I am not the youngest manager anymore but what gives me a lot of energy is the atmosphere at the club and the atmosphere and energy of players. I consider myself as being very privileged to work everyday and I don't think I need a holiday tomorrow or whenever. I take my holiday of course but now I am energetic to start.

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