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Avram Grant Chants

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Good ole Avram Grant.... Miserable fooker... he's doin' alright with us..but tbh.. its what Jose's done..not Avram..won't be his team til he signs someone He's just carried on what Mourinho started... but he couldn't of done that without Steve Clarke and Henk Ten Cate....Shows what a shitty manager he really is... Clarkey and Cate do most the training anyway..why not put one of them in charge... Avram Grant..waste of time.... Ah well.. lets see if he has any sense in the Jan Transfer Market... doubt it..but we shall see..

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Ok lets stop this now, Mr Kenyon was right he's ''taking us to the next level''

yeah but you cant agrre with Mr. Kenyon all the time innit?

i mean look at what happened previously,he kept saying that Mourinho's relationship with the club is good,blah blah blah,and a couple of days later,POOF,the headline reads,"Mourinho and Chelsea parts with mutual consent"...

(correct me if i'm wrong)

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(to the tune of Robin hood, Robin Hood riding through the Glen) or whatever its called :P

Avram Grant, Avram Grant sitting on the bench

Avram Grant, Avram Grant looking like the Grinch

Looks into space

Confusion on his face

Avram Grant.....Avram Grant.....Avram Grant


:lol: :thumbsup: Top quality mate. I think that definatley deserves a chorus or two at The Bridge.

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