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Who has to go?

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1 Cech - stay - brilliant keeper

2 Ivanovic - stay - good defender

3 A Cole - stay - puts his heart in to every game

5 Essien - stay - one of the best players i have seen

6 Carvalho - stay - Best defender in the world

8 Lampard - stay - hear of Chelsea!

9 Di Santo - stay - good forward just needs a run of a few games to get some goals

10 J Cole - stay - best winger you could get IF he is fit

11 Drogba - go - had 1 good season out of 5 and he wants to go

12 Mikel - stay - he is a good sub if essien is ever out

13 Ballack - go - far to old and cant pass any more

15 Malouda - go - cant say anything because he is just totally crap!

17 Bosingwa - stay - started well this season running down the wing and taking on any player he needs to start that again

19 Ferreira - stay - good sub for when cole or bosingwa is out

Mineiro - stay - dont know much about him

33 Alex - stay - very good defender when J.T or R.C are out

35 Belletti - stay - plays well in most part sof the pitch so is a good sub to have

39 Anelka - go - doesnt work at all for the ball does nothing at all waits for the ball to come to him and always out on the wing even when he is the only 1 up front

40 Hilario - stay - need a sub keeper

42 Mancienne - stay - young player will get first team football

43 Stoch - stay - same young player will get first team soon

44 Woods - stay - same again

46 Smith - stay same again

48 Kakuta - stay same

5 players there who must go and must bring in 5 players to fill the postion they are from anyone got any ideas who should stay and go?

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1. Cech - stay

2. Ivanovic - go

3. A. Cole - stay

5. Essien - stay, unless he's permanently crocked

6. Carvalho - stay

8. Lampard - stay

9. Di Santo - stay, good for future

10. J. Cole - stay

11. Drogba - go

12. Mikel - stay

13. Ballack - go

15. Malouda - go

16. Sinclair - stay

17. Bosingwa - stay

19. Ferreira - go

20. Deco - go

21. Kalou - go unless we can't find a replacement

26. Terry - stay

27. Mineiro - go

30. Taylor - stay

33. Alex - stay

35. Belletti - stay

39. Anelka - stay, but got to improve on this position too

40. Hilário - stay, unless we bring in a replacement

41. Hutchinson - go

42. Mancienne - stay, and give new number

43. Stoch - stay, and give new number

44. Woods - stay

45. Heimann - stay

46. Von Homoet - stay

47. Sawyer - stay

Also keep Jack Cork and Ryan Bertrand.

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I think we need too keep drogba he needs wingers like duff and robben thats all.

Agree with that. Lack of wingers means a 4-4-2 should be played -whats so fucking difficult about that ? Its like Scolari makes the same mistake 6 or 7 times before something is changed. I'm going fucking mental about it...

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To be absolutely brutal and to start a rebuild for the future now rather than wait any longer i would get rid of: Ferreira, Ballack, Deco, Malouda and Drogba and possibly one of Alex and Ivanovic.

For me this squad has gradually slipped gears over the last few seasons. Part of that for me is signing players who are not going to improve and only go downhill, we need to really think forward to the next 5 or so seasons and what we are looking to build because our squad is starting to look poorer the longer we go on.

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Malouda, Deco, Minerio, Ballack & Drogba need to go.

We need younger talent, when you look at Man Utd they have Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney. What do we have, couple of lazy aging forwards and wingers that cant cross balls.

Totally agree we need some young talent in our squad, some good winger who can take it to the defenders and get that ball into the box, than that striker who is going to do everything he can to get his head onto the end of that cross than into the goals.

We need = Hard Workers, Committed Players, Good Strikers, Creative Midfielders, New Coach.

We Dont Need = Older Has Beens, Players That Talk About Leaving Every Day, Players With No Heart, And A Coach Who Is Clueless And Same With His Assistants.

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Think we need to do what Barcelona did and get rid of the dead wood and bring in fresh young talented players hungry to win and a new coach and assistant...personally id give the managers job to to Stevie Clarke

Get rid of Belletti, Alex, Deco, Ballack, Malouda, Drogba

We have a high quality defence that is let down time and time again by our complete inability to go forward with any sort of urgency!

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Drogba: Ran out of patience

Malouda: Understood

Ballack: Old, Past his peak.

Anelka: Apart from Tap ins doesnt create much for the rest.

Miniero: We got him as a replacement for Essien. Essien is Fit in a month so we dont need him.

Either of Ivanovic or Alex: We have Mancienne and we need money to bolster our attack, so sell one of them.

Get a young midfielder, two strikers one of them a target man and one winger apart from siging Quaresma permanently if he plays well.....

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