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Will we win the Champions League?


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Do you think we can win the Champions League this season?

Personally I think we can, Barcelona and Man United are our main threats but if I think we can go through on, Especially it being two legs. Barcelona are not invincible and do Man United have the same hunger for it we do?

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Look at our record in the last 5 years. Of course we can. Juve will be very tough tho because i dont think we can break these kinds of teams down. Wouldve prefered an attacking flair kind of side. Its a game that i can see only 1 goal deciding it either way. Surely though, last years hurt and the hurt from previous years mean that we want it more than any other team. Most teams that win or get to finals dont usually have the best domestic season or maybe arent the most in form team but anything can happen in cup competitions.

We will win this thing soon, SURELY!

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We need LUCK. And with that I mean,

Second leg Fixtures at Home, Couple of refereeing decisions for us and no injuries.If all that is fine, We will win the UCL.

Also, I would like to see us keep some clean sheets. Its been almost a month since we won 2-0 against West Brom.

Clean sheets are very important for UCL. Hme and Away.

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Man Utd was lucky last year both on the final day of the league and on the Chmpions League Final night.

You need luck to win these tournaments.

Liverpool had the ghost goal, Gerrad dive, etc etc to win that seasons Champions league.

Asenal had Lehmann sent of in the first half paving the wayfor Barcelona to win it.

We need somthing going our way, its high time.

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If we get passed Juve then we'll have as good a chance as anyone. With all the other big guns going up against each other and a favourable draw for the next stage it could well go in our way.

I'm not expecting us to due to our current state. So I wont be that disappointed if we crash out.

Exactly what I think.

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Juventus will be a tough test, Ranieri will want to prove a point and you can bet he will set Juve out right tactically to stop us playing. As much as im loving Anelka this season is he going to be enough to get us to the final? I don't think so unless Didier starts looking like he's bothered we might struggle this season in the Champions League.

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