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Getting the Priorities Right

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Players on the posts ? Set piece marking ?? Hungry new players ??

Dont be silly. E mail from the club;

We are sending this email to all our supporters to make them aware of a major issue we have at Stamford Bridge.

Persistent standing in certain sections of the ground is significantly increasing the likelihood of the football and safety licensing authorities taking action against Chelsea FC. We cannot allow this to happen.

Standing is not allowed at football matches and unfortunately the situation is getting to the stage that offenders are liable to be ejected from the stadium.

We understand that at times of action and excitement spectators will stand and this is accepted. Not all spectators like to stand and some are unable to stand, therefore persistent standing not only puts the club in jeopardy, it spoils the experience for other spectators. Please refrain from persistent standing or your season ticket is liable to be suspended without further warning.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Safety and Security

Chelsea FC

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I tell you what, when the players start giving a shit, I might just sit back and enjoy the game quietly. Until then, the prawn sarnie brigade can fuck off to Manchester while I belt out another chorus of Carefree with the rest of the Shed.

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To be fair we dont stand up that often as now days we dont have a lot of standy singing songs! Champions/Speical one doesnt work anymore

And bleh it aint gana happen stop going on about it!If one stands usually does the rest lol and its usually only in the lower tiers anyway so them just dont sit then then they cant moan!

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