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Roman's substantial losses

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I just had a thought to myself about it, and decided to turn it into a thead. I just wondered that maybe it's because of our sudden loss of funds in the last few months that has affected the way Chelsea have gone about their season.

A bad string of results, and not much money to spend in the January transfer window. Peter Kenyon making bad decisions, and having to seel a quality ENGLISH player in Wayne Bridge get sold to another VERY RICH football club Manchester City in order to obtain enough money to bring in an attacking player such as "Amr Zaki", or "Emile Heskey".

I'm just thinking. Has the credit crunch ruined Chelsea?? :thumbsdown:

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Lol wouldnt be surprised if Kenyon jumped ship.

Well it affects some people . But whether you've 14 000 million pounds or 7 000 million pounds it shouldnt make too much difference.

The cost cutting obviously is selective -Pini Zahavi the Israeli agent, was paid £900 000 by CFC for the sale of Bridge to Man City. (Mirror, Telegraph) Disgraceful in my book.

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The cut backs started a long time ago for it to be the credit crunch! I think to a certain extent the club at the higher levels want the club to start using the Academy that they have spent a fortune on rather than dipping into the transfer market! The problem being that our squad is in quite a state, BUT Scolari should be using our youngsters more especially as so many players are underperforming.

The club from top to bottom really needs to have a good hard look at itself and have a good sort out!

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