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Kendry Páez


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Kendry Páez
Date of birth: 4 May 2007
Place of birth: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Position: Midfielder


On 5 June 2023, it was announced that Paez would join Premier League club Chelsea after his 18th birthday, in the summer of 2025.

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On 23/10/2023 at 12:44, James said:


Utter madness that he was born only 4 months or so before the September 14, 2007 Northern Rock bank run and eventual collapse ( the 2nd huge whole firm implosion in the 2007 to 2009 global financial crisis/collapse after New Century Financial, the largest U.S. subprime lender, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 2)

Paez was not even born yet when New Century imploded. 🤪


2007 crisis and initial responses

On 14 September 2007, the bank sought and received a liquidity support facility from the Bank of England, to replace funds it was unable to raise from the money market. Reporting of this complex scenario led to panic among individual depositors, who feared that their savings might not be available should Northern Rock go into receivership. The result was a bank run – the UK's first in 150 years – where depositors lined up outside the bank to withdraw all of their savings as quickly as possible, particularly since many other people were doing the same.

As the UK government provided the liquidity support facility, they also exerted pressure on the bank to create a longer-term recovery plan. Over the next few months, there were numerous changes to the board of directors and executive team.

On 22 February 2008, the bank was taken into state ownership as a result of two unsuccessful bids to take over the bank, neither being able to fully commit to repayment of taxpayers' money within three years. The bank is managed at "arm's length" by the government through UK Financial Investments.


People queuing outside a branch in Golders Green, London, on 14 September 2007, to withdraw their savings due to fallout from the subprime crisis.

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(Video): Chelsea wonderkid starts new league season with a stunning 45 minutes


Chelsea talent Kendry Paez won’t be able to join us until next summer, but that won’t stop us enjoying his highlights in the meantime.

He’s just started a new season in Ecuador with Independiente del Valle, and last night he got his first goal of the fledgling season. As you can see from the highlights below, it was a sensational showing – and this was just in 45 minutes.

He’s going to play for Ecuador again in this upcoming international break, and we can’t wait to see that either.

You can see it all in the clip embedded here:


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