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Deco: I'll Leave Chelsea For Brazil Return... Eventually

Deco has vowed to return to Brazil, while insisting that Chelsea boss Scolari isn't treating him like a favourite son...

Although he insists he's happy at Chelsea for the time being, Deco has pledged to return to his Brazilian homeland.

This is interesting in itself, for the playmaker has made a name for himself on the international scene with the Selecção das Quinas as a naturalised Portuguese superstar.

Nevertheless, home is where the heart is, and the 31-year-old will head back there in due course.

Deco is quoted by Setanta as telling RTP: "I’ve been thinking of returning to Brazil for a while now, although I can still achieve good things [in Europe].

"I don’t want to return for the sake of it and, besides, I’m under contract for three more years at Chelsea.

"Still, I can say it'll be my last contract in Europe."

On Brazilian countryman Luiz Felipe Scolari, his former Portugal boss and current Blues gaffer, Deco gushed: "We work together on a daily basis, which is a good experience. He’s a fantastic person.

"Is he biased towards me? That's nonsense! I'd already won many titles without Scolari. "I don’t need to defend myself - I've just never been a sub."


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Anybody who claims that I am only in the team because of my relationship with Felipao is simply making it up. I have won many things in my football career and none of them were with Felipao.

did they mean to spell his name like that ?

and hopefully all this talk will make him wanna prove his place in the team and win things here

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No matter what Deco says, he IS favoured by Scolari! If he player is not performing then he needs to be dropped or at least brought off. When you are trying to kill off a game or chase a result the worst thing to do is leave someone on who is clearly not having an impact and bring off someone who is.

Either Deco needs to up his game or Scolari needs to have the balls to drop him.

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