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Chelsea vs West Brom


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All the match discussion here guys, thought I'd start up the Boxing Day match thread early ;)

All I'll say about this game is, "Oh fuck...we're at home!" :rolleyes:

Still, It's West Brom, should be a straightforward three points right??

Prediction: Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

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Oh jesus its at home..and on boxing day..fun fun.And after the beat City they're gana be on a high

0-0 lol

If so I will scream.Going to my nans and the last 2 years we have sat and been 'blah Chels ahhhh' and almost last year 'hahaha Liverpool' but nooo they scored..last minutes!!'

With Man you back down.We need a win to keep the gap otherwise they could go above soon

Erm 1-0..not holding my breath

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My nan, who, for the record, has tendonitis and what many would call a 'wooden leg', could beat Man City, so let's not talk up West Brom's chances. 3-0 at the minimum. Seriously, if we don't win this then there is a problem at Chelsea.

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They beat Man City.. Could be a handful!

We're at home we need to go Drogba and Anelka up front..

Not JT now if we dont win against the team bottom of the league we will be a laughing stock

We've already drawn at home to the team bottom of the league (Spurs) so lets not do it again!

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If we draw/loose we're so screwed esp a poxy 0-0

So come on Chels!!Lets get this season going again!!

I dont want sit at my nans moaning again how we fucked it up on boxing day lol

And woo for Drogba and Analka together..this better work

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