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Welcome Mauricio Pochettino


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34 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

Will there be press conference or interview? 

Seems not until he officially starts on July 1, I guess. Kinda weird how there aren’t even any quotes from him in the announcement.

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11 minutes ago, bigbluewillie said:

Why wait until July 1st?

What's happening in the whole of June?

Everyone is on vacation anyways. I think players around 5 weeks. But for sure Poch will work by himself on laptop at home preparing pre season and thinking about the team. 

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What I expect to happen with the squad:


Mendy will be sold for 10-15m. 

Kepa will stay which is absolutely fine. Very pro guy, wont complain if he is number 2 and hard to imagine there is a better number 2. This season after Silva probably our most consistent player.

Even season before played major part in winning Super Cup and reaching both cup finals.

New keeper will arrive but considering names we saw around it is not certain they will bench Kepa.  Poch will decide what he likes.

Slonina very promising but for a young guy game time is most important so loan.

3rd keeper must be HG to fill the spot so we will continue will Bettinelli who extended contract just recently.



Azpi is leaving so James and Gusto. All clear.


You would think we have options here but with Chilwell just extending his contract and big fee we paid for Cucurella things are pretty clear no matter how promising Maatsen and Hall are. They will go on loan but Maatsen could even be sold.


Fofana, Silva, Badiashile are sure thing. Hopefully Colwill as well but lets see if he wants to come back. Just in case we should have 5th CB in the squad. And Poch likes to play with 3atb from time to time. It is between KK and Chalobah. Dont rate them and should not get much game time with no European football. It will be hard to sell KK so I think he will stay plus is experienced which we need so Chalobah could leave 25-30m.


This is tricky. Poch will play with pivot. So Enzo is only sure thing. New MF will arrive. Ugarte? But we need more options. No one knows what will happen with Kante and Kovacic. One should stay imo. 

Santos and Casadei would benefit more from loans. CC cannot play in pivot Conor either. Is there a possibility to get 2 MFs? I mean Ugarte clause is not so big 52m pounds and Lavia could maybe be much cheaper with them getting relegated.

RLC and Zakaria leaving 100%.

Attacking positions in MF: Mount leaving, Gallagher possibly as well, CC probably needs loan and game time in team like Luton or similar. But with us having a team in France and Portugal most likely these are also great options for loans for younger players.

Since Poch likes 4231 AM postion could be occupied by Nkunku, Havertz or Felix if he stays. If Gallagher stays he could also be backup for that position at best.


Pulisic, Ziyech, Auba leaving. For wingers we will have Mudryk, Madueke and Sterling. Felix another option if he stays.

CF new one. Lets see what happens with Lukaku. Dont see the place for Broja and Fofana. Both should go on loan. I think Poch will play Kai as AM not striker anymore finally!

Guys like Sarr, Bakayoko, Ampadu, CHO, Sterling, Rahman must be sold or released. We can probably get around 10m for Ampadu and 15m for CHO which is clear profit.

Some left youngsters on loan ofc. Biggest hope is that Poch makes a lot of players performing at much higher level than this season which we know they can.

So team could be:

                                                       NEW GK (Kepa, Bettinelli)

                James (Gusto)     Silva (Fofana)         Colwill (Badiashile, KK)        Chilwell (Cucurella)


                                                         Enzo(?)      Ugarte(?)


                    Sterling(Madueke)         Nkunku(Havertz)          Mudryk(Felix)


                                                            NEW CF (Lukaku)






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Good luck to Poch !! Not sure with our record with managers and even more abysmal record in the transfer market,that we were gonna attract anybody better. He’s got a major rebuild on his hands but at least we surely can’t get any worse,so the only way is up !! May the gods be with him 🤞🤞🤞

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Ship out Havertz is one obvious thing he must do first (along with another attacker like Ziyech and Pulisic).

I know some people might still say that Havertz is still worth keeping.
When the team is playing well and creating chances, Havertz is not a bad player actually.
His work rate and movement upfront are also a part of the team's cohesion in attack.

But having seen his 3-4 years here, I think I have seen enough.
Playing well for only 7-8 games for a whole season is far from worth keeping.
Moreover, he is a frustrating player to watch when he goes through bad patches, and it has become hard to bear anymore.
If it weren't for several headers and tap-in goals, his time here would actually be considered very very poor, and in soo many games it's hard to see what he is actually good at.
There have been many games where he has given a very poor performance as a center forward, being stuck and invisible upfront, unable to build up or create, and being mediocre as an centre forward. And when use him in different role probably as a CAM or out wide, he just performs even worse.

With that being said, I don't mean to say that Havertz is a awful player. He does have his own capabilities.
However, he simply doesn't fit into Premier League football, and some might say, me included, he seems doesn't fit into the Chelsea team as well.

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57 minutes ago, Mário César said:

he signed a 5 years deal

after the final of the next season he only will have 1 year left 

times fly fast and until now he is a fraud, sadly 

he cost us 100M jesus christ. its a lot of mony

some people seems to forget that 


Lukaku? can't be him as his contract is until June 2026

Havertz fee was £62 million, which could rise to £71 million with all add-ons (£60m rising to £69m at current exchange rates)

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It's finally been confirmed by the club. He wasn't among the managers I was hoping would take over. I'm hoping his tenure will last longer than the previous few and that we can finally have some stability we've been sorely missing.

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