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Multi Team Ownership


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This needs to be kept in check. There is a considerate conflict of interests when parties own several clubs or stakes within those clubs. eg two teams in CL playing each other with the same ownership makes it possible for one team to be downgraded for the owners benefit and fans detriment.

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1 hour ago, Vesper said:

could you flesh this out a little more m8?



Yeah results can be rigged in a roundabout way that benefit the MCO (multiple club owners) investment. Figures from around two years ago showed around 200 clubs had multiple owners. Can see so many problems with this. It creates different tiers of clubs: the parent and a feeder club. If you are a fan of a parent club then you are lucky, but not if you are a fan of a feeder club. It could also be the end of transfers as we know it as there could only be transfers between the groups clubs. As a player you can start off with a feeder club and move up to a parent club, but this promotes inequality and poisons the competitiveness of the market. If you have this group of clubs that trade between themselves and shift players back and forth it is cheaper and puts them at a competitive advantage. Larger groups will appear and pose a threat to the game’s governing bodies. 

Alex Phillips, reckons there is a solution. He is former head of governance at UEFA, and says that the increase in MCOs does not have to be bad if regulated differently.

“You have to ask what the purpose of an MCO is,” says Phillips.

“If it’s to evade taxes and launder money then it’s obviously bad but if it is investment then it doesn’t have to be. From a financial perspective, it can make a lot of sense. But regulators should regulate from a transfer perspective and regulate the number of contracts each club can offer. If you limit contracts, clubs need to rely on their academies.”

This, he argues, would stop clubs stockpiling players and instead of alienating fans could create a greater bond.

MCOs are unlikely to go away any time soon and how the game’s administrators deal with regulating challenge will affect the relationship between fans, players and clubs in the years ahead.

At the moment it seems the governing bodies dont want to rock the boat - I reckon thats because of the billions invested, the TV rights, the hospitality and bribes (i'm guessing here) and where do they fucking start - the tiger is in the room.

It's a growing trend, not just multiple club ownership, but player ownership as well. There was some posts back in another thread about players having no loyalty to a particular club, those days are long gone. UEFA now have 6500 players from 195 clubs – that are employed by 27 multi-club investment groups, a third of which are based in the US. Makes all the furore years back about Tevez 3rd party ownership seem cute now. 



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