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Everton 0 - 1 Chelsea

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5 minutes ago, DDA said:

Is it himself or the is it the system failing him?

I think it's both. Sure the system clearly doesn't suit him, BUT actual "generational talents" would shine in any system if they really were as good as made out. Hazard played several different systems for us and he remained our best attacker throughout. He might just be a system player and we ain't playing it.

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8 hours ago, turgi said:

I reckon the main problem is Havertz.

He cant play in midfield. cant play in the flank. Cant play as a forward.

He's a classic CAM imo. He needs to play in the hole behind a striker and in front of 2 CMFs, in other words 4-2-3-1. He can't be given too many defensive duties as he's simply not good enough at that and a bit too passive so that rules out CMF role. He's not pacey and tricky enough to play winger. CF is probably his second best position but I feel it should be with a partner, not alone (again, has to a have a striker in front of him ideally). 

What position did he play in Leverkusen?

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We don't create chances with through balls through the middle of the pitch from midfield.

We don't create chances through combination plays like one twos or one touch passes like mancity

We don't create chances through individual dribblers on the pitch since we lost Hazard

We don't create chances by pinging the ball into space to find runners like Liverpool

We only create from wingbacks.

This is why our attacking is dross. Until we mix things up and have other ways to attack opponents, we will continue to be boring to watch. I don't know if Tuchel has identified this problem because it's bad.

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As much as we all truthfully are happy that at the end of the day, against our bogey team we have walked away with 3 points.

The truth is still more hurting. Tuchel is one for creating solidity via formation, and is brilliant at coaching triangle based 3 pass combos that allow us to beat most press situations. Once we get into the opponents half, we are so unbelievably slow that if we continue like this we will always need individual moments of magic to actually get behind/get into goal scoring situations more often.


The way we do the 3 pass escape in our own half, we need to do that with more risks, more often to create one on ones in attack and he's gotta coach it into them to make that happen. 


3 points were luck yesterday. Add a richarlison or Carvert Lewin in that team and it would've been a draw at best.

3 points . Good. Lots of work to do.

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