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Chelsea Transfers


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2 minutes ago, Patrick Bamford said:

Still no Saul news from offical Chelsea 


It often does not come until early morning

Confident they all did their due in time.

things only have to be submitted by 0:00

league associations can still confirm or ask for corrections tomorrow 

In the end everybody wants this deal to happen (except maybe la Liga lol )

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7 minutes ago, Vesper said:

IF we really want Kounde, then buy him next season

as it stands (I would do the final figures in a bit) we are at LEAST £50m IN THE BLACK for this window

and still managed to bring in a top 4 or 5 on planet CF and a superb CMF

And it should be noted to reach that position we haven't sold anyone who hasn't been deemed surplus to requirements.

We've managed to strengthen our hand whilst staying profitable.

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6 minutes ago, DDA said:

This is bizarre if these transfers don't go through. The Spanish clubs are in a complete mess LOL

Fab has said absolutely nothing on this 

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