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Didier Drogba staying at Chelsea, says Peter Kenyon

Didier Drogba will not leave Chelsea in the January transfer window, according to Peter Kenyon, the club's chief executive.

The Chelsea forward's future has been in some doubt after he reportedly held discussions with Inter Milan executives in London last week. The Ivory Coast international and his agent, Pierre Frelot, are reported to have met with Marco Branca, the technical director of Inter, and Jorge Mendes, the agent of their manager Jose Mourinho, at a restaurant in Fulham.

However, Kenyon insisted that even if Drogba had spoken to the Italian club, his future was at Stamford Bridge.

"Didier's under contract for the next 18 months. He will be going nowhere in January," Kenyon said. "Whether people leave Chelsea is as much down to us as anybody else," he said.

"I don't know whether he did or he didn't [meet Inter representatives]. But he's a big player for us and we want him back. He's one of those players who can make a difference."

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I cant see him going in January tbh.

If he goes in the summer (If Scolari is still here :lol:) we'll still be playing this style of football. If this is the case then we need to go all guns for 2 world class wingers. Malouda is wet blanket imo and Kalou looks better as an impact player from the bench.

We need supply into the front man. We dont have that atm. When Bosingwa and Ash are pushed back we lack width.

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I think we need a young striker, and as TB says, two natural wingers. Schweinsteiger would be ideal as he would come on a free during the summer, and another player I would like to see here perhaps would be Ashley Young, but I don't think that would happen to be honest.

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Hes probably the one striker defenders dread coming up against.

Just because hes regularly slagged off by the media -by red supporting journalists - people jump on the bandwagon. .....he has fucked liverpool, that 4-1 away win, his volley on the turn at home, the 2 goals in cl semi final last year, and the same with Arsenal, the bullying of Senderos in the charity shield, 2 goals at Cardiff, the only goal in a 1-0 at home (off his knee) and the 2 last season!

If hes replaced, fans would want him back, and bemoan his loss within a couple of weeks. OK Ok I know he has crap hair but, dives -ONLY on contact - and is misquoted -so fucking what ? Ronaldo does that and Yernited fans think hes God. Winning the match is the point , surely ? Not ''Oh hes so up himself''. The Marseille fans knew how to get behind him, and some fans need to do that instead of cunting him off at the slightest opportunity.

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To be fair FB, even when the supporters were behind Drogba he was talking about wanting to leave. Of course on occasion he'll have been misquoted but by his own admission in the autobiograhy he wouldnt have been misquoted in, he's more or less wanted to leave every season.

In form and with his head sorted, he's an awesome player Im sure none of us would want to leave but when was the last time he was fit, on form, and mentally up for it? He's never been the same player since Mourinho left and I just don't think his heart's in it anymore.

As for the negative press, he really does bring a lot of that on himself.

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