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Chelsea 0-1 Porto

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We have a chance against Real Madrid. Cause yesterday everyone told Real Madrid will win against Fc Liverpool. But who saw the Game he will think diffrent. Me know to play against English Clubs is not easy. Liverpool played really good vs Real Madrid. Posession. This is why i say we Fc Chelsea London can play in the Final we can beat Real Madrid in the Semi Final.

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As for the game it was the most comfortable second leg of a CL tie you could wish for. Excellent game management.

Yep, even if we don't win it puts our name firmly back on the map. On another note how much better is it having these runs knowing we have one in the bank already?

Why do so many people act like two games are the same? We won this tournament the same season McLeish and Pardew won at The Bridge ffs.

So many stories in this Chelsea vs Real Madrid tie

 - First time we’ve played each other in the UCL -

 - Hazard coming back to the bridge 

 -  Courtois returning -

-  Mateo  Kovacic playing his old team

 - Giroud vs Benzema -  Kart vs F1

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Ver very diappointed with the result, thought we had done enough 'til that freak shinner goal, so we lost the tie.

That is now in the last four games won two lost two, lose to Shitty Saturday and thats lost three won two of the last five games, that for me is totally unacceptable.

As for Real in spite of having Ramos and Varane missing still solid at the back and they will be available for the semi's

And as for the ageing midfield as i though they were, they still look impressive, this aint gonna be as easy as I first thought, I say easy but what I mean is we could be quietly confident about reaching the final.

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