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Crystal Palace 1-4 Chelsea

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Finally an easy game, was long overdue. Hope the best is yet to come this season for Kai, Pulisic and Ziyech we gonna need them if we want to achieve our targets.

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There's been signs for a few weeks that our forwards were slowly starting to play their way into form and it appears to be truly happening at the perfect time. If we have Pulisic on the restart f

We play so much better without Werner

As much as I love Reece and he’s 100% our best 2 way fullback, CHO offers a whole different level of attacking threat in the open field. What let’s him down is his final ball. Ironically, if Callum ha

1 hour ago, milka said:

Mount - Havertz - Pulisic today



When people speak about creativity they always mention Fabregas but Mata was unreal and even better.

According to Transfermarkt he had 58 assists in 10,104 minutes. Cesc 57 in 14,368 mins for Chelsea.

I hope Ziyech can be player for us like Mata was. POTY twice in a row before Mourinho came...


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4 hours ago, OneMoSalah said:

I dont see why not though? Tuchel isn’t going to let us sit off and just settle for a 0-0 its not his nature to play for draws. 

If we play like we did today, having Callum at RWB could be more fruitful than having James in to be honest. Both good players and good options but I think Porto are going to have to come at us as they did at times in the first leg so there will be gaps and having Callum in definitely bears more of a threat than James does in an attacking sense because he can go at players. James offers more defensive security to be fair but I think at 2-0 up if we play anything like today, we will be fine.

I was concerned if it was a poor performance today going into it that we would find it more difficult as shown last week after WBA.

Either way Pulisic has to play at all costs. Another timely reminder than without the injuries he is probably still our best attacking player considerably.

Firstly, I completely agree on Puli. 

As for CHO v James, I just do not see it. TT is pretty pragmatic and the thing to do in the Porto game is to not let them score. Do that and you win. I can see your logic but it carries more risk, which is why I have serious doubts TT will do it. Makes more sense to start James then bring CHO on than vice versa. 

4 hours ago, MoroccanBlue said:

If we are to persist with this formation an elite CB and CM are still needed along with a ST. 

We all trusting Kepa to take over Mendy whilst he's in AFCON?

Not sure about CB, for sure a LCB would be fantastic but, take away WBA, and the CB's have been great. For me, if we keep the 3421 then CB is not super important like CF. As for CM I agree, but again not as important as CF. 

As for GK2 were talking peanuts in comparison to the other areas. Areloa and Romeo would both be free and on reasonable wages. Problem however is Kepa's wages and fee. At best we get a loan were we only have to subsidise 50% of his wages so it may be we have to just grit our teeth and play, or hope that Mendy has to visit the dentist in January again. 

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Can't make my mind up...

Do i want west ham to win, they go above us but leicester remain closer

leicester to win they go further from us, but west ham stay below us.

A draw west ham stay below us and leicester only go one point further from us.

Methinks a draw after consideration.

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24 minutes ago, bigbluewillie said:

Game on

Leicester lost, Spuds lost.

Third will be ours😄

Honestly dont know who is going to finish top 4, its so tough to call.

Leicester seem to be doing what they did last season dropping off a bit and then you’ve got the likes of us, Liverpool and surprisingly West Ham. Everton still have 2 games in hand also so its going to be an incredibly tight finish.

The bigger games are going to make all the difference as well, we have to play West Ham, Man City, Leicester and to a lesser extent Arsenal in the league still. We have to win at least 3 of those remaining fixtures as the City game will be the toughest I think to give us the best chance (although I would take a draw at City as it wouldn’t be the worst result and if we take full points off Leicester, West Ham and Arsenal, it wont be too bad) and that is considering we win the other games v Brighton, Fulham and Villa. 

Arsenal not in the running but a big game none the less and we should be beating them and well if we drop any points at Fulham, Villa or Brighton we probably dont deserve to be finishing top 4. 

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